Wyze cam v3 image issue

I’m having troubles with my Wyze cam v3, the image has turned purplish. I opened two tickets on wyze support system, but haven’t heard nothing from them. Their customer service is far from what it was at the beginning, horrible.

What happens if you reboot the camera from the app? If no change, a full power down reboot? Lastly try to toggle through night vision from auto to on to off. See if any change. This appears to be a white balance issue or a stuck cut filter. If none of that works, it is the imager and support needs to warranty replace.

When reboot or power cycle, it fixes for a couple of minutes, then it turn purple again.

Definitely seems like an imager issue. Firmware up to date? In true Wyze fashion I think I have had one if not two updates since receiving mine. Can you try to move it temporarily to a better lighted area? If problem follows you have done your homework for support.

I had that problem but with a V2. The culprit was a strong magnet close to the camera.


I had a v2 in the same spot for a year, never had an issue. I replaced the V3 with the problem for another v3 yesterday and is working with no issue so far.

If you try turning night vision from auto to off, does the problem go away?

Nothing happen, I have tried everything.

@WyzeGwendolyn can you help with this?

@jesus80 Have you tried calling Wyze support?

Wyze Support (206) 339-9646

Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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I’m sorry, this is a case that you’ll need to work through with customer support. Have you contacted them? If so, I’d be happy to share your support ticket number with the team!

Wyze Customer Support

Hi, the ticket number is 79511.


Great tip! I had the V3 camera sitting on top of my pan cam to compare the images. I wondered why the Pan Cam had a purplish tint to the image. Now I know it was the magnet from the bottom of the V3 camera. Thanks!