Wyze Cam v3 feed showing up in pink/purple tint

Has anyone else had issues with their wyze cam v3? I just got mine last night and it worked great until this afternoon. While I was positioning it outside, the feed suddenly turned pink/purple. I’ve turned night vision on and off, turned the cam on and off. Doesn’t go away. What a bummer.

Maybe the cord is extra sensitive and I ruined the cord when it bent back in the base?


According to this thread, it indicates a hardware failure.

Looks like the ir filter is stuck in place, whereas if the night vision is disabled, it should move to the side. Some other things to try is to use a magnet and move it around the sides of the camera to try and move the filter, and/or tap the side of the camera to see if that knocks it loose. Cycling the night vision/power cycling the camera should in most cases fix it, but issue may have more to it. If after all this, and it’s still happening, I’d say contact support, let them know everything you’ve tried before they ask you to do the same thing again and see if they have any other ideas, or if replacement is necessary.

Id recommend calling over the chat option.

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Thank you for your response. I boxed my camera up yesterday but a few hours later, i decided to try it one more time. The camera was back to normal when I turned it back on, I’m still ordering a free replacement, just in case the camera is defective.