Pink/Purple Tint

The video and images from my camera have a pink/purple tint to it.

Can you send a picture of that? Also I recommend submitting a support ticket with Thanks!

In addition to the above, see this thread for more information:

Here is a screenshot.

Contacted support last week. I didn’t get a response yet.

Well, you got purple, I just got green.

Maybe it’s Mardi Gras mode

My picture has been Crystal clear until about a month ago. Started noticing pink, then it started to wash out, and finally completely white at times.


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I have had the same issue since a few weeks, all sun highlighted aread become bright Pink. Is seems that the problem occurs only for clear or white areas of pictures, as the others coloured surfaces are not- or less affected…
Lens problem or electronic bug…? Too bad for a camera bought just more than one year ago, even if the price is low.
If the problem occurs on one or more of my 4 others Wyzecam I’ll think about changing all my devices for a more reliable brand. A4DA2238589D_1581540550783|690x388

Two of my cameras are now with this pink tint. A V2 and a pan cam. Any solution?

Gu1llo, considering the threads and answers to this issue it seems that it’s a permanent hardware failure… You’ll have to change for new ones. As for me I won’t buy Wyze, even if it’s cheap, as there’s weak support when problems arise…


Hi Yamo. I appreciate your feedback, but given these cameras are so great, especially for the cost, and that they have been in use for almost two years outdoors I can’t honestly complain. I will purchase two more if I have to, to replace these ones. I was just trying to see if there was an easy solution to the pink tint. Again, thanks for the feedback.

I have about 3 cameras that I have had for almost 2 years and 4 new ones that were purchased in the last 3 months. The 3 original cameras all show pink with the bight light exposure areas as well. Would love to see a fix for this.

I have about 5 or 6 Wyze cams, and yes my two oldest ones are now exhibiting this behavior as well. My camera’s are indoors but facing outwards into the front hard and back yard. Could it be some sort de-laminiation of the a lens coating causing the color distortion with bright spots?

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This just started happening with one of my cameras. Have rebooted and updated firmware with no luck. Have opened a ticket with support but given it’s a camera I use to monitor my elderly parents, I may not have time to wait for a response.

Have the same issue, which is obviously an hardware failure of the sensor, as rebooting and updating cannot fix it.
That’s why I have not bought any Wyze Cam since these bugs appeared, considering also that the ‘person’ detection is not really working.

Yes. Me too. 1 of my 2 cameras. I wonder if it’s because the camera has no uv filter on the lens and over time sunlight off reflective surfaces degrades the sensor? Guess we get what we pay for. ha. Cheap camera that doesn’t last. I’m sure wyze knows this though.

Me, too. Chat support says there’s a solution, but I’m waiting for email about it. I notice that Wyze no longer accepts support requests via email (auto-reply says you need to use their website). That’s a bummer. Chat support is less effective.

I just had the same pink tint screen and solved it by restart the camera by using the Wyze phone app.

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