Pink on Wyze 2 camera

I’ve been noticing lately a pink hue on the left side of the camera. It’s not in direct sunlight. What would cause this?

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To me it kinda looks like the IR cut filter hasn’t closed all the way. Has the cam ever received any type of impact?

It looks similar to this cam issue. See the thread below. If it is, you could be due for a replacement.

No hasn’t been hit or bumped.

The camera isn’t that old. It might be 2 months old at most.

I would contact support if you haven’t already done so, and get a support ticket. Wyze app > Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue. Include the log with the camera by checking Send Log File at the bottom.

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I’ve got the same issue as well that has been growing for the last week. It started with a small tinted spot and now it is a massive cloud of pink. The camera is used indoors but pointed out a window, it’s never been dropped and it’s only 2 months old. I’ve tried restarting, IR on and off, updated firmware… I opened a support ticket. Any solutions or is it a hardware issue? I’ve attached pictures of it getting worse over the week… sorry, i’m only allowed to post one image at a time so here it is today.



Couple of days ago

a week ago it was just noticeable…

@dfong Welcome to the community. Thanks for the pictures. It’s an obvious defect in the cam.
I haven’t heard of a fix or solution for this problem so far.
I will tag @WyzeGwendolyn so she can look into this growing issue on these cams, and share it with the Wyze team.

I had a similar issue with one of my V2 cams. It started small, then the entire field of view was purple. No issues at night with the IR on. But during the day, interesting image!

I reached out to support, sent some screen shots and we tried a factory reset. No dice. In the end, Wyze sent me a new unit. New camera works perfectly. Can’t say enough about the support team and their willingness to help out.

If you would, go ahead and post your support ticket number so @WyzeGwendolyn can forward it to the proper support team. I’m sure they will want to look into this issue further.

Sorry, I sent the email for a support ticket a couple of days ago… I just haven’t heard back. I think the other issue is that I’m in Canada and it isn’t supported up here. That’s why I was hoping for a suggestion for a fix.

I’d definitely suggest sending in support tickets with these images attached. As a heads up, beta logs are sent over to the dev team so this isn’t the best way to send in a support ticket for everyone because the support team won’t see the tickets. I would recommend this form:

Submit a request – Wyze

@dfong, if you have a US address that we could ship to for forwarding a replacement to you, we would be up for doing that.

I sent a support ticket and was told to do a factory reset. Unfortunately the camera with the problem is out of state. Won’t be able to go until October. Oh well!

Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn . I received a response to the ticket request I sent the other day. I was just a little confused because I didn’t realize if I was using a ticket system or if that was just an email request. Either way, I’m all straightened out. Regarding the US address… I’ll do what I can and ask some friends in the US. Thanks for the help!

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@jetskiflorida, sorry to hear that! Have you told your support agent that?

@dfong, you’re welcome! On your end, this comes through as an email. But we have ticket numbers for organization on our end. :slight_smile:

My camera is doing this too. It started a month or so ago, but I ignored it because I thought it was the glow from some Christmas decorations I had nearby. I took down those decorations today and the pink is still there on the side. I’ve done everything recommended. I submitted a support ticket too. How do I go about getting a replacement? Thanks!

P.S. I’m also currently experiencing massive issues with my Wyze plugs going offline constantly. I was told by support they are too far from the router but I live in a 1200 square foot townhouse and the plugs are at the bottom of the stairs with the router at the top. It seems crazy that this isn’t close enough when all my other devices get WiFi just done down by the plugs. Anyway if you have any info on where my tickets could be escalated I’d be grateful!

Hi, @qvoth.the.raven. What is your ticket number?

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I would be bouncing you right back to the support team. Have you heard back about your Wyze Cam?

For the sake of testing, what happens when you put the plugs on the same floor as the router? Does anything change?

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