Wyze cam v2 colour and image distorted

My Wyze Cam v2 images colour and image is distorted as attached. My firmware is the latest (v4. 9.6.241) and I have tried to restart, factory reset and no changes. Night vision is dark and still working. Can anyone give a good idea to fix this issue?

Pink means the IR filter is stuck or broken. If it’s still under warranty you can contact Wyze for replacement. The click you hear when switching between night vision and day is the solenoid moving the IR filter back and forth from in front of the image sensor. Sometimes a couple hard slaps on the side of the camera can free it up, but it’s just a chance. Some others have had luck with a strong magnet on the side of the camera, but it’s only something I’ve heard and not tried it myself or know if there’s any risk to the camera.

Welcome to the forums! How does the picture look like when the entire picture is illuminated the same? The pinky blown out areas appear in high sunlight, compaired to the large shadow on the ground up to the house may be playing with the exposure settings/white balance type stuff. What about an overcast photo? The overlay at the bottom appears to be having a glitch where the bar along the bottom is shown. Are you sure you are Could it be Which is the current v2 firmware. I’d try a manual firmware flash to see if that helps. I don’t think it’s a stuck ir filter as the whole image would be pink or purple then. Maybe a bad camera sensor is also a posibility, and testing these things

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Yeah, unfortunately it’s out of warranty for sometime now. I’ll try with the light tap with high hopes LOL

Yup, confirmed it’s 4.9.6. 241 (attached screenshot).

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I had one a couple years ago that the image was partially pink like the OP’s picture. The filter was stuck about half way which was why only part of the image was pink.

Your right, I had an oopsy and checked the wrong camera on the firmware page. Thanks for the update. Did the issue get fixed?

Not yet, but I’ll give it a try tonight. In the meantime, can anyone tell me how I can revert back to the previous firmware?

Manual firmware flash.

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Not related to the pink color issue, but it looks like you are looking through a window with the camera back from the window a bit. From my experience, it will be better if the lens of the camera is flush up against the glass. That does limit you to shooting straight out the window as opposed to a sharp angle as it appears that you are doing,.

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