I like PINK but not here

HI Everyone I think I have my my first camera going bad. This has showed up in the last few weeks. This camera is in a case I built. I thought it was some sort of polarization coming from my plastic lens so I climb up today pull the lens off still has the pink, has anyone seen this before could the sun have burned the sensor? I have a cam on my roof and it has been fine in the open sun in a glass dome. I do have the Wyze beta running on all my cameras and it is doing this on just one camera. Any Ideas? The camera was put in service 8-2018 so 13 months it might be one of my oldest cameras. Thanks guys

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Welcome to the community, @learcapt! If you put ‘pink’ in the Search tool at the top-right while on the main #ask-the-community page , you’ll find several threads on this issue. :slightly_smiling_face:


@learcapt I have seen several cases of the pink or purple color and some have had success by turning off the IR lights then back on again. If I remember correctly, in some cases it has been the IR filter that gets stuck and causes the pink color. You can give it a try and see if it helps any.

Thanks for the idea. I did try it and no luck but when the IR is turned on it turns the image to black and white. So I’m not to sure it would give it a pink color. It only does it on bright white colors I’m thinking it is more of a sensor issues where it can’t control the gain of the light from white.

Thanks, I did some searching but nothing that fixed the issues and looks like there hasn’t been a fix for any of them.

If none of the suggestions in those are working for you, then a Support Request may be in order, provided you are not out of the one-year warranty period.

One month out warranty and I think it might be time to go buy a new one :slight_smile:

I’ve seen this on different cameras. A camera reboot corrects this issue. Normally you’ll see this on white objects like snow or white houses.
Moving the camera angle down helps. Put it’s not a bad camera. All cameras has this issue once in a while. REBOOT WORKS

I have TWO cameras 4 feet apart one has the pink the other does not angle make NO difference only the color white on this camera is doing it. Also this camera has been REBOOTED many times still the same PINK. Has to be a gama overload, but 20 buck will fix it :slight_smile:

Not quite true. There have been cases where the CMOS starts going bad, and the image starts turning pink and/or purple, and becomes permanent. One of my cameras had a complete pinkish tint to the image, and Wyze replaced it under warranty. There are other members here on the forum, and on FB, that have had their cameras replaced for the same thing. :slight_smile:

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I had my screen turned completely purple and actually doing a complete reset on it fixed it. Been working great again for about three months. Can’t say the work for everyone but in my case it actually helped. I’m still not sure how the reset exactly helped it but it worked.


A little follow up I replaced the camera, I then moved the camera to an indoor location did a total reset all colors are good but once the sun shines thru the window it turns pink. I think it’s time to open it up and see what’s going on :grinning