Camera turned pink / psychedelic

Hi, on May 20th 2019, my camera turned pink. How can this be fixed, I have only had it a month. Happened after an update.

I don’t know about getting it fixed, but it looks like if you did portraits you could make some great pictures.


Has power cycling not worked? If so you can revert back to the previous firmware through the app and try the upgrade again. It may require a factory reset though.

Go into the camera you want to reset. Click the gear in the upper right. Click on Firmware upgrade. If this is says up to date click on the link at the bottom that says Have problem? And you should be able to revert back to a previous firmware version and then update again. If not reset the camera to factory state delete it from the app and re-add it back in. I know its a hassle. But tech isnt perfect. None of it. lol

Hey there Qtx,

You should delete the device from your Wyze Account & make sure the SD card is removed. Reboot and setup again. If this doesn’t work contact Wyze Support at


Yup, try a reboot w/o a card. It looks like a blown sensor but…

I tried helping someone do the revert the other day, apparently this option is only for Beta testers at this point.

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Ah. Makes sense. Didnt realize this as I only have one phone.

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Tried all these suggestions except the firmware (didnt have the option), no luck, might be hardware failure

Go into the app and Account → Help & Feedback -->Report an Issue,
Then send them the log, all your pertinent parameters like device type and attach one of those pics.

I got excellent turn around from Wyze for my last issue. They responded within hours and sent a replacement cam out immediately. USPS delivery is not so good.
That was May 28th they shipped the camera. It has since gone from Seattle, to Knoxville, to Memphis (about 100 miles NW from me). Spent May 30th and 31st in Memphis, went back to Seattle, spent a few days there and is now “in transit”.

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