Image degradation


Has anyone else noticed image degradation? The image in my v2 camera has just turned pink and very grainy.

See attached image.
It just started a few minutes ago.

Could it be from the reflection of the snow?

I see some yellow in there too.

I’ve restarted the camera and it’s still the same.
Haven’t noticed this before on sunny snow days. Will see what happens in the late afternoon and evening.

I’d let it play out. I have had a camera that was not Wyze do that before but it actually was bad. Have you tried all the trouble shooting steps? Such as check firmware and reboot the device?

Check your power source, I have a few devices that will do that, cause me grief and then I find that someone/something has knocked the USB cable just loose enough to effect the cam.

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Even so, this should not affect the picture of the camera. Digital streams are on or off. Analog streams are bad quality if power isn’t working. Wyze is digital and a loose power plug should not affect power.

It only seems to happen on very sunny and bright days.
Works normal on normal light and at night.

Just never noticed that effect /before.
I’ll swap cameras and test with another one.

Maybe there is a little light leak and it’s reflecting within the cam lens?

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Any update on this subject?
I’ve just noticed this on one of my cameras too. I suspect the camera is failing. It is more than two years old and has been in my unheated garage most of the time. I just moved it outside for a better view of the backyard and saw the pink snow :thinking:!