V3 Camera Live View Pink

So today one of my V3 cameras Live view color feed is tinted in pink. I tried restarting it in the app and unplugging it but the feed is still pink. Anyone else have this issue? Is there anything else I can do?

Try toggling Night Vision off and on a few times. Then leave Night Vision off to see if goes back to normal color

I did that already, didn’t fix it. But normally I don’t have night vision on. I even tried a factory reset and setting it all up all over again.

It was worth a try. Check out near the end of this thread. They suggest tapping the camera on its side. Be careful you don’t break it.

I also tried tapping it and again didn’t fix it. Interesting how on the V3’s you can barely hear the filter moving. But on the V2’s it can get really loud, especially as it ages.

So I contacted Wyze about it and because this V3 was one they had sent me as a warranty replacement for a previous V3 that failed, they won’t replace it. Basically they can send us a defective replacement camera under warranty and we have no recourse. What a bunch of crap!

I tried tapping on the top a little harder and it showed less of the pink tint. So I tried using a small rare earth magnet on the top for a second and all the pink is gone.

Wish there was another way for Wzye or whoever’s tech they are using, didn’t need a mechanical filter for night vision.