What is wrong with this wyze cam v2..weird colors

Put in front of my mothers house in a external case and it glitched out a couple of days ago.

Looks like a image sensor failure. Have you restarted the camera? Does it return to this state? You may contact Support but know that the v2 is an indoor camera, and like you said, used it outside which may void some things if you are looking for assistance.

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I live in Canada, a return ticket was probably out of the question. I was just curious what was wrong before I add it too the electronics recycling bin

Hi @randallrobert123 and welcome to the community.

Because of the purple color in the picture, it could be a stuck IR filter. Try changing the Night Mode from Auto to On to Off. Also try sliding a magnet along the side of the cam. There is a solenoid that moves the IR filter and sometimes this will free it up.
Search on the fourm for Stuck IR Filter
Good Luck!


I had the same problem on one of mine. Just as a suggestion, the tips @dr.know gave you are great but if they don’t work, rather than trash it, if you have a spot in the d dark you want to monitor for whatever reason, put the cam there and just leave night vision on. I put mine in a crawl space to monitor an old boiler where there is no light and it works great.