Infrared stopped working

Have had a two wyze cams for over a year and one now shows purple rather than full colour during the day and the other no longer has the infrared working which is problematic because I use it in the nursery. Any ideas how to fix?

Sadly it might be time to buy new ones, unless you like to tinker. Searching on “purple” will yield a lot of hits about the IR filter.


Do a search on “infrared filter”. There are several threads about this type of thing. There is s tinted filter driven by a small solenoid inside the lens itself which, when for whatever reason, stops moving properly between day and night vision, will cause a purple hue in the picture.
Can be fixed sometimes if you like to tinker and there are replacement lenses also available. @Customer is right-if you don’t enjoy tinkering just for the sake of it, at the cost it’s faster and easier to replace.

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Thanks! One of my v2s has this problem, always wondered why. Its funny, my older v1s are all still perfectly clear.

Sadly, it happens to all of us with age!:cry:

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