Purple tint..

Cam arrived today…my wyzecam 1 has nice video pict but…this new wyzecam 2 (that just arrived today) has a purple tint to the video. I found one forum post that also had this problem and said that upon opening the camera he found that IR filter was stuck open. I am not about to open the cam but after waiting since mid-feb for camera I am disappointed.


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Is your firmware updated? There have been some fixes to the color spectrum in recent firmware updates.

Otherwise, you might try manually turning on and off night mode a couple times. You should hear a distinct click each time it turns on or off. If not, then the IR filter is definitely stuck. You can try tapping the camera ala Fonzie to see if you can unstick it. Otherwise, I’m afraid you’ll have to contact support for a replacement.


There are some youtube videos showing how to open the XiaoFang and Wyze v1 cameras. I would assume that this is similar. I haven’t opened either of my v1 cameras, and I haven’t received my v2 yet.

If you do open it, can you take some pictures and post them?

Yes to firmware update…version and yes to click


If tapping it doesn’t help, I think you need to contact support.

I moved camera to different outlet (just in case) but there still was purple tint. I then pulled open the cam further than it was and…color came back. Only thing I can think of is that it was pinching something inside.


It works, all is right in my Wyzecam world and thank you to ppl who tried to help.

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I’m having the same issue, what do you mean you pulled open the cam further?

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Opening the camera from the base worked for me as well, but when I close it back up it goes back to purple:(

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Edit: I was reading posts in reverse chronological order and didn’t see that RickO diagnosed and reproduced the problem with a magnet. The issue is that some units were evidently shipped with an incorrect magnet that was so powerful it affected the IR-cut filters operation. When the camera changes from daylight to IR night mode, a filter is moved with an electromagnet. That movement is what makes the “click” when the camera changes modes. The purple tint had nothing to do with Hall effect. The following is RickO’s post about reproducing the problem.


I was envisioning something much more subtle.

@MoOse said it was a wrong magnet problem. Perhaps travy_trav had the extra strong magnet in his camera too. If so perhaps that is why he didn’t lose his camera while driving with it on the roof.


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Can you confirm that by “opening” you mean pulling the base with the magnet in it away from the white camera body?

Does the purple tint affect the whole image, or just part?

If extending the base makes a difference, then it sounds like the image is being affected by the magnetic field, which sounds strange. I haven’t heard of the “hall effect” affecting image sensors, but I guess it is possible. But I can’t think of anything else that extending the base would affect.

Any possibility of posting pictures taken with base closed, and base extended with the “Take Photo” function of the app so we can see what you are seeing? Ideally with the only difference being that the base was extended, i.e. same lighting, “subject” etc. If you have a white board that would make the tint easier to notice in the photos. Or tape a sheet of white copier paper to something in front of the camera. Try to keep everything else constant, so the differences are more likely to be due to the magnetic field. Also, to minimize the affect of camera position, turn the camera upside down, so the “iris” stays in a fixed location during the experiment. First push base down onto camera body and take photo. Then pull the base up and away from the camera body and take another photo.


@BuckEye… It is definitely the magnet in the base, but it is not affecting the image sensor. Rather it is affecting (moving) the mechanical IR cut filter. See this:



Please look at this forum post.


Now the camera is randomly making a clicking noise, I’m assuming it’s switching on off between night mode for some reason?

yes to entire pict having a jimi hendrix purple haze…and yes to pulling base away from unit.


I was contacted by support a few hours ago and understand it is a magnet problem, actually a wrong magnet problem.


If anyone else has this issue…contact support thru the Wyzecam app.


Thanks again to all that replied





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New V2 has purple tint. Have latest firmware. Remedies on forum have not worked

Email button on app does not function.

Have you extended the camera away from the gray base and then turn the night vision off and then on again (camera settings > Advanced, or the night vision button atop the live stream)? This will determine if the magnet problem is causing your purple tint. You can also try giving it a “Fonzie tap” on various sides to see if you can unstick the IR filter. If either of these works, the camera is likely going to need to be replaced.

Instead of tapping the email button Email button on the Help page (which didn’t work for me either), tap the green Feedback button at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to an email submission form.

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Turning night vision off brought back color for now. It appears this happens every time the camera is moved to a new location (unplugged and turned back on)

Is the gray plastic base extended or is it up folded up against the camera?

I am new to the Wyze cam world, v2 is my first cam. Mine had the purple tint, contacted customer support and they said it was a known issue that they were working on a fix in the meantime they are sending me a replacement. Played around with it today and found if I place a magnet on the left side of the camera then the purple tint goes away, then if I click night vision on and off then it comes back until I put the magnet on it again. I taped the magnet to the side and the camera is working perfectly no matter how many times I click night vision on and off. Hope this helps.

included a couple of pics of the purple tint before the magnet trick.



Does it make a difference if the gray base folded up against the camera or extended?