V2 stuck between night and day

When I start up this one V2 cam it shows:

At first I just thought it got joggled in shipping and was cute.

Now it seems locked into the split screen.

Anyone else have this problem?

I bought seven, some to hand out to relatives, but if I give them one like this they will never buy another.

I gave a good one to my BIL, now he is getting 2 Pans and I don’t know how many V2’s.

I think in other threads with the purple screen the consensus was a stuck IR filter which is a hardware defect. The split screen I can’t explain, but I imagine the camera will need to be replaced.

Why waiting so long? Shipping to Antarctica? I ordered May 7th and got delivery May 17th.

I just linked to that thread because There are things to try in that thread to fix the purple tent problem

didn’t someone say you could use a magnet to try and move the IR lens back?

Yes they did say you could use a magnet On the side to try and move the IR lens back
My my daughter has a new V2 just started The purple problem 3-4 days ago , Tried switching night mode off and on Did a factory reset , tapped on it , And it’s still purple , She has not tried the magnet yet , She doesn’t have an SD card in it either

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