Purple hue on new outdoor camera

I received the new outdoor model in June. I noticed this morning that all my trees have turned purple on the camera (not in real life). Anyone know anything about this?

Try cycling the night vision from auto to on to off. Appears the IR filter is engaged, and the cameras night vision mode is off. Also, confirming that this is a WCO? not a V2 or pan that is outside? Is it looking through a window?


Hi @scott5 Thank you for adding the disclaimer (not in real life) - Thought it was the end of the world as we know it. Looks that way a lot on West coast.

Agree with Omgitstony said, if that doesn’t work try moving a magnet on side of camera. There is a solenoid that swings in the IR filter and can get stuck sometimes.


Welcome to the Wyze community @scott5 !
@Omgitstony questioned if the cam was in a window. If it is, then that might be your issue it’s also worth mentioning that the detection won’t work through glass.

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