Darting Lines Through the Video

Ordered my first Wyze Cam… worked great for about a half-day…

Now I’ve got these darting lines coming from the left throughout the entire picture. With night view, they are gray… In day, they are purple and far worse.

Tried some things I saw in the forum related to an IR filter sticking… nothing works. Emailed support on Sunday, no response yet.

Anything else I can do?

Here’s a screenshot of it.

Wow that is crazy looking! Sorry you haven’t gotten a response yet! We are not in on weekends and our tech was out sick yesterday. Can you let me know what your support ticket number is so I can look that up and make sure you get a response today?


I am having the same issue, making the camera fundamentally unusable. Has there been any further progress on solving this or any new suggestions to try. Very frustrating.

hi all, my brother just bought a cam and this issue is happening to him. any fix? or is it a HW problem?

Try power cycling the camera (unplug then replug power). If it still occurs I would recommend submitting a Support Request.

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thanks! We have done all that and nothing, it still has the lines, seems like a HW issue.
We’ll go on to open a case with support.