Horizontal lines


I recently added Wyze cam on one of my windows which faces the backyard and the video produces horizontal lines in the video feed. I’m on the latest firmware and not sure why this may be.

Thank you!

The photo didn’t work. Hope it’s an easy fix and the team here can help ya.

Let me know if you can see this

Any one out there know what might be happening? @Omgitstony

Is it like that throughout the day? Looks like it may be in a shady area so I don’t think the sun is directly into the lense. How are you powering the camera? Different power adaptor or longer/different usb cord than what was supplied? Thinking maybe it’s not getting the full power it needs. I would also double check the support page on the site here and if it still persists then you can create a support ticket so that the Wyze techs can get involved here.

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It’s like that all day everyday. Not in the sun, using the power adaptor/cable that came with it. I literally plugged it up, it worked fine for about a day, and now I have the lines. Will have to create a ticket

Definitely broke. Seek a replacement ASAP.