Noise on ONE of my six Wyze Camera

I have a total of 6 Wyze V2 camera, I noticed one of them has very annoying noise - all the time while other 5 do not have. Is this a defective camera? Attached one clip and please see the lights areas - it’s like static noise on an old TV. I can see the noise on my Android and iPhone both.

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Sorry I didn’t hear it.

Apologize, I meant noise on the video, not audio. If you pay attention on the cross street window or lights or the white car, you will see the “interlaced” lines as the noise I refer to. I do not have such problem on other 5 Wyze cam, but just this one.

Ya it’s there subtle but there.

You need an electrician, Some how the wiring in your home is causing this, Try another outlet in the house, try downstairs or in the bathroom to see what you get if the distortion is still there, If the distortion is still there there is your last option is to replace your camera, return it and get another one and test it again. If it is not the camera it is the wiring of your home.

You replied to the wrong person LOL

I did as your suggestion to locate the camera to a different room - I even swapped the power supply to another Wyze cam’s thinking the original Wyze power adapter might be an issue itself - but the result is the same - see the picture.

This very same location has another cam that I just swapped, but that cam has no such issue. I do not believe it’s causing by the house wiring at this point. This happens all the time - day or night. I will get a replacement, I now believe this cam is defective.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Strange. Definitely seems like a defect of some sort. That’s not video compression. It seems like the sensor isn’t interlacing the lines correctly or something.

Is the camera less than a year old? If so, they’ll probably send you a replacement if you reach out to Wyze Support

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Yes it’s brand new from Christmas orders. I put it back to front window during day time and here is what I recorded - maybe you can tell it more clearly: (@ 0:10 a peak one)

Definitely not normal because other cams don’t act so.

I’ve requested a replacement already.

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Good. I haven’t seen that before, but it definitely seems to be a defective camera. Glad they took care of you.

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