Now hearing white noise when checking cameras

Recently when checking my cameras via my iphone, i hear a lot of white noise and clicking in the room. I walk in the room and their is no sound and then. if I go outside and check the app, I hear noises in the room.

Same with outside camera. Now hear white noise, where I didn’t before. It is all hours of the day.

I wonder if they did something in the firmware update to add the white noise. Not sure about the clicking.

Anyone else hearing this? Any solutions to get rid of the white noise?

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There have been changes in some of the firmware that updated the two way audio, but I can’t say if that may be what is causing the issues. Others have reported what is described as static. Some have found that their power supply or cord was causing some electronic intereference feedback into the cam and changing it fixed the issue.

There are many Topics & Posts discussing Audio Static on Cams or Background Audio Noise.

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