Wyze Cam V3 sound detection issues

I have two Wyze Cam v3 units, both mounted outside under the eve of my home. One is part of a Wyze floodlight and the other is wired into the USB accessory port of that same floodlight. Both cams are running current firmware v and the floodlight is also up to date running v1.0.0.55. Both cameras are on the paid Cam Plus subscription (one monthly one annually).

I keep getting generic sound detected messages instead of the specific Audio Sound Detection events I have checked. The sound is usually wind and/or logging trucks hitting rumble strips >200’ from the cameras. I turned my sound detection down to 1 and should only get Smart Detection Audio Notifications for “Talking” but the annoying sound detected messages persist. What options do I have?

When I had my camera inside I loved the “Cam Plus” for how good it was but after moving the camera outside and adding a second one it is pretty bad. I am actually considering canceling the month to month paid subscription because it is so low quality. The other is part of my home monitoring annual plan.

I am sorry you are running into some issues. We are looking into this now, can you let me know if this started happening after the firmware update or if it coincided with an app update?

I noticed this today as well on my V3 camera outside. FW is

I am not sure how I would know but I think it was before the camera firmware. While it seems more frequent in the past few days it has been very windy during over the past few days. I set the filters to review non-motion events and the common theme is wind. I also noticed that while the videos are 12 seconds long the audio consistency cuts out before the end of the video. Usually at 7 seconds but sometimes a little later.

Can anyone who is experiencing the sound detection issue please check and see if it is still happening? We made a cloud change to hopefully fix this issue.


I can’t speak for everyone else, but my Cam V3s resumed doing AI sound detection and tagging this morning. Thank you very much. :+1:

Thank you!

Looking at activity for today and I do think it is better. Looks like everything after around 10:30am Eastern today is legit.


Glad to hear that it is working now. I do apologize for the trouble.