Wyze Cam Sound Detection Broken After Firmware Update

The latest firmware update for the Wyze Cam 2,0 ( seems to have broken sound detection. I am getting dozens of alerts now after the update. Even with detection turned very low I’m still getting way too many. What happened?

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Same thing. Dozens of alerts per hour.
Did notice in the release notes for the latest firmware, a reference to improve the volume of two-way audio.
I’m betting this change inadvertently screwed up the sensitivity of sound detection.

Same problem here, since yesterday

I’ve been having the same issue since the firmware upgrade - even at the lowest sensitivity setting. This makes the sound alerts useless since I’m getting dozens of alerts per hour even for the slightest sounds.

A lot of us have been having this issue. If you post a log id and tag @WyzeGwendolyn in the below thread, hopefully it will get where it needs to go:

I have checked release notes for the firmware version Increased 2-way audio volume for Wyze Cam v2 and Pan that I assumed microphone sensitivity is way too high or the sound detection program has a bug. I can hear fuzzy sound from the video. I do receive notification every 5 minutes and won’t stop even if with the lowest sensitivity. I turned it off for now until fix.


I’m having same issue with all my cameras after the update. We have 6 cameras and each of them are now making a roaring sound however, I’m not receiving notifications.

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meant to add - when i move the slider i receive an immediate “operation failed”.
fortunately WYZE made it possible to shut off the alert sound only and still have the motion sensitivity, which still works fine

Can you please share your current investigation progress and ETA of new firmware release? I really need the sound detection back to normal operation. If the investigation takes longer than usual I might rolling back the firmware until the root cause found and new firmware release.



I am also experiencing the same sound problem. Even at the lowest sensitivity I get alarms. So sound detection is useless. But I have a theory…see below after I rant about other issues.

Other behaviors also make my V2 cameras useless. The cameras barely stream even at 360. And it is not my network as I have other backups that stream just fine.

The app confirms I have local storage installed. I have it set to to record locally. When I request playback it tells me there is no card installed. Huh?!

On the sound issue…these camera devices are cheap stuff and not well designed. When you integrate microphones into devices they MUST be physically isolated from the device structure so as not to pick up extraneous mechanical vibrations. They operate by mechanical sound energy so any mechanical energy onto the device itself is picked up by the mic. After close listening (from a remote location) I realized the microphones were picking up sound that was traveling through the structure of the house (wind, thermal expansion/contraction, furnace going on etc). My test will be the set the cameras on a soft towel to see if that makes a difference. The plastic boxes also pick up sound energy and this can translate right to the mics if not properly isolated.

To be honest…I’m now in search of yet another security camera system that actually works.

Does WYZE actually have support? How do you reach support?

While I agree with your sound issue assessment, all of the cams were working just fine and not sending alerts about extraneous noises when set at a reasonable detection threshold. Until this firmware update. Something went horribly wrong there. They are dialed up to infinity as far as detection alerts. We had one post from someone at WYZE and none since. That was 25 days ago in this thread:

Hi, folks!

This is a cross-post from another thread. My apologies for that. I want to make sure that you all get this information because I have an update on this issue. Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:

We have a test firmware for you to try! We’re trying to adjust things so that they’re better for sound detection sensitivity. You testing this will make sure that your specific use case is heavily represented in the feedback and decision-making so I highly recommend you try it if you have time and ability to do so. :slight_smile:

You’ll need to flash firmware for this. Here are the instructions:

Here’s the firmware file for Wyze Cam v2:


Here’s the firmware file for Wyze Cam Pan:


Please give it a shot and let us know how you feel about it!

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