After, no more sound detection on Wyze Cam Pan

After upgrading to this firmware earlier this month, the Wyze Cam Pan stopped detecting ANYTHING. Checked the settings and for some reason both motion and sound detection were turned off. Turned both back on, cranked sensitivity up to 100 and only motion alerts work. I get no cloud recordings and hence of course no push alerts for sound.

I reached out to Wyze Support which gave me Wyze Ticket 186985, and it’s been 10d with no reply. I am not able to reach the camera (it is remote) but I did try remotely resetting it. No go.

Anyone have ideas? Wyze Support doesn’t seem to be responding or offering any tips…

Thanks in advance!

I’ll see if I can get someone from Wyze to find your ticket and see what’s up.

In the mean time, you might want to try a factory reset, and if that doesn’t work, re-flashing the firmware. Instructions for both can be found in the Support link top right.

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Thanks @Loki … unfortunately I’m unable to physically access the camera at this time - will try once I manage to get there. Your prompt must’ve worked, I just heard back from someone at Wyze who also suggested a factory reset - so that will need to wait until I can get to the location.

Thanks again!

The one thing you can do without physical access to the camera is to click the gear icon on the live stream page, then Reset Device. This uses a different comm channel than the live stream and can sometimes work even though the camera appears to be offline.


There’s another thread that might be related to this… Submit a ticket with logs.


Thanks @Loki! I did try that as well, but it didn’t seem to get the sound detection back. However, I’m happy to report that the person who just reached out to me is continuing to actively correspond and ask some questions. So we’ll see what they can do without any direct access. Worst case, I’ll just have to wait until I get physical access to the camera and try a factory reset.

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i have the same problem and i just got the pan cam today and it automatically prompted for the latest firmware upgrade. i even did the factory reset and manual firmware upgrade. what i’ve discovered is that the sound detection does work but only if you’re inches from the mic. either speak into the mic on the bottom of the camera or blow air at it and then it detects. and this is when it’s set at 100% sensitivity so virtually useless for sound detection. i’m pretty disappointed

Interesting finding @WZsimba, that might explain why sometimes I did get audio alerts but only along with motion alerts … and that was when someone was nearby and making quite a bit of noise. I never got audio alerts alone after the upgrade. There’s clock in the same room as the camera that chimes on the hour - I used to get alerts hourly until the upgrade. But that chime sound isn’t that loud…

I’ve sent some logs to Wyze support (per their request), they confirmed receipt of them and will send along to engineering for review/analysis.

i needed sound detection so i tried downgrading to the previous firmware and sound alerts are working.

I have the same issue with Wyze Cam Pan. After the last update, sound detection is not that good as before, even though I increased sound sensitivity…
Before I was receiving a sound detection notification as soon as i was entering the key on the door, but after the update nothing…

Same issue for me – sound detection no longer works on my WCP after firmware update (app version 2.2.38, firmware version

I’m still on firmware for the volume control.

Saw a new update and was wondering if the volume issue has been fixed in version

No, still sound detection doesnt work

Sound detection sensitivity controls still don’t seem too work properly with new firmware. Any ideas when this will be fixed? Has a ticket been submitted for it?

Yes, I submitted a ticket a while back and never received a response – so I just submitted another ticket with log files. I suggest others do the same. BTW, I am on Cam Pan firmware and Sound Detection is still not working properly.

Wyze currently has a two week backlog on support requests. However, they are working very hard to alleviate that problem. :slight_smile:

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Any update on this issue? Sound detection is still not working on my Cam Pan’s.

Did you get a response from Wyze on your support request? If not, please post the number here, and I will get Wyze eyes on it. (I’m a volunteer, not a Wyze employee)

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@jlhumbert I replied to you on this thread Cam pan , Firmware , Low audio volume

I don’t think the low volume was fixed so the sound detection likely is related to that issue.

@DreadPirateRush, If I remember correctly, I used the “Report an Issue” feature in the app (along with log files) - but I have no record of receiving any response (or acknowledgement) and, therefore, I do not have any number to post.