Sound event notifications stopped working on all cameras

Not sure when this happened - sometime over the past few weeks or perhaps months - but I realized I no longer receive sound event notifications from any cameras. I have 3 cameras set up for sound event notifications (Wyze cam v2, 2x pan cam), none of them are alerting now. They DO alert for ALL other event types (motion, person, vehicle, pet, etc.), but NOT sound.

This was working fine for years and I can’t find anything I could have inadvertently changed.

This is how I have things set in the app:

  • Detection Settings → Sound: I’ve tried settings at both ends of the spectrum but usually have it around 50
  • Event Recording → Schedule: All Day
  • Event Recording → Detects motion (ON), Detects sound (ON), Cam Plus AI (differs from camera to camera, at the minimum Person is ON)
  • Notifications: ON
  • Notifications → Notify Me When: all ON including Sound Events
  • Alarm Settings: all ON
  • Advanced Settings: Record to MicroSD ON/Continuous (don’t think the other settings matter here, but Record Sound is also ON)

Lastly, if I go to Events, I can see Sound events for the various cameras - they’re just not firing off notifications like the other events - so Sound events ARE being detected.

At this point we can stand in front of our cameras yelling and still no sound event notifications. Help?

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Your settings look fine, and if you are receiving Events you should also be getting notifications, like you say.

I have one V2 set up for sound detection ATM, but I am not doing motion detection on it (it’s just listening for a pesky woodpecker). If I get a few minutes, maybe I can try a few experiments on that. Mine is getting notifications, no problem.

What version of firmware are you using? I am using a VERY old version (the last stable version that had on-board person detection). So that’s another difference between us, as I doubt you are using that, lol.

Thanks for the reply. Firmware is up to date on all my devices, so on the v2.

At this point this is sounding like a services or account issue to me. All events are being detected but only some event types are successfully generating notifications.

I opened a ticket with support in September, and after a bunch of back and forth, submitting logs, etc., I was told the engineering team would have to look into it. I haven’t heard anything for 3 weeks, just logged in to the support site and saw my ticket was closed as SOLVED (which it most certainly is not).

Beyond frustrated at this point. Sound notifications are a must for me, so now I’m looking at moving away from Wyze completely and cancelling Cam Plus. Which is not what I wanted to do.

What is your support ticket number? I can send it on and get some eyes on it and try to get an update on it.

So reading over the thread and just to confirm, you do get other notifications from your three cameras just not specifically the sound app notifications? But you do get sound event videos in the event tab? And you get the same behavior from all three cameras that you’re trying to get sound event notifications from?

What are the actual firmware versions on the cameras now since there’s been some time elapsed here? What actual app version and device type are you using? Have you tried multiple devices with the wise app to see if the same behavior happens on all your different devices?

Ticket # 1489151

Earlier today I reached out to support again (chat) - they basically had me start from square one and do the basic troubleshooting I’ve already done about 100x. I nope’d out of that conversation.

You are 100% correct in your understanding of the situation - I successfully get notifications on multiple mobile devices for all event types except sound event types. This affects multiple Wyze cameras of various types. However, the sound events themselves are detected and show on the events tab. Sound event notifications are set up correctly and used to work fine, then suddenly stopped working.

Yes, this same issue occurs on multiple mobile devices all with the latest version of the app installed. Yes, this issue happens with all of my Wyze cameras. Yes, all of my Wyze cameras have up-to-date firmware (just checked).

The fact that the sound events are detected but notifications not sent, coupled with the fact that other event notification types are sent, should be telling.

What actual versions? Saying “up to date” unfortunately it doesn’t really help because there are multiple branches of apps that can be “up to date”. Example of being there’s the production branch, the beta branch, the RTSP branches which will tell you it’s up to date but actually is based on older firmware. Both the app and the product firmware’s are in the same boat, so typing out the actual version numbers well very much help.

Also knowing which branch you’re on can help with troubleshooting because there might be a use case where it can be recommended to switch from production to beta or beta back to production based on the issue.

Thanks in advance.

Edit, I did send the ticket number on, hopefully you receive some communication soon about it. I did reference this thread so hopefully something can come about the previous provided info and the updates in here.

Android app version (Play Store release - not beta): 2.25.22 (on multiple devices) - though this was happening on previous versions as well (not sure how far back)

pan cam: (two of these)
cam v2:
cam v3: (sound event notifications are not enabled on this camera)

All cameras are recording continuously to SD cards. All cameras subscribed to Cam Plus.

Like i edited my above post to say, i did send the ticket on. But for my curiosity and to see if the Community here can pick anything out, can you post screen shots of your different settings and notification pages and event tab with the sound events on there just to get fresh eyes on it all to see if anything can noticed?

Thanks for the version numbers… :slight_smile:

Hello, @rsg22!

I had the team look into this. They sent me a copy of the email they sent your way and I assume that the internet ate it (sometimes tech issues happen). The basic info is that this is an unsolved bug and support won’t be able to help with this further. I’ll share this post with some others in case someone has further information they can post here for you. :slight_smile:

Here’s a copy of the last email support sent to you:

Thank you for reaching us back and for submitting a log! Our engineering team reviews each log to test and improve our products and the Wyze app. They’ve received your log, and are working to see your issue resolved in a future update.

My team here in support does not review your log or follow its progress. We’re working on developing a process so that we can track these logs on our end, but it’s still very much in progress. We hope to have the ability to receive more details from your log submissions soon.


Julie | Wyze Wizard


Thank you @WyzeGwendolyn. I will say the original update you copied/pasted could have been clearer from a customer support perspective. For example: will the engineering team be reaching out to me, will there be any follow-up from this point? Your post in this thread indicates this issue is an “unsolved bug” but I’d have to read between the lines to get that from the original email. I’m assuming this means the engineering team confirmed the issue? Is there an ETA on getting this fixed? Etc…

This is a critical feature for us and the last straw as far as us sticking with Wyze. We’ll be exploring other options and unfortunately cancelling Cam Plus.

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You’re welcome! I’ll give your feedback to the team. Generally, I wouldn’t expect engineers to reach out to you. However, I did flag this to engineers. Could you please give us a log number to work off of? We’re having trouble replicating it but we’re looking into this for you! :slight_smile:

Though if you’ve already cancelled Cam Plus, we will understand. Any chance you remember your previous log numbers?


To retrieve previous log numbers:

Wyze app Home > Account > Wyze Support > Log History

The most recent 10 logs are displayed. To view older logs, drag screen up and hold for a few seconds, then release.


Hello rsg22 for a long time I have the same problem as you, I receive all notifications except sound. i have wyze cam v2 and cam pan. firmware version

Have they given you a solution? Cheers!

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Sorry to hear you’re having the same problem @Beuken - no solution as of yet

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Thank you very much! I’ll get these to the team. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Alright, we have logged the bug and will be going through the logs. Thanks so much for reporting this and providing the data so we can fix it!


Hello I am having the same issue any updates on a fix for this?

@WyzeGwendolyn I’m assuming you’re monitoring this thread but just raising awareness that others are reporting the same issue now (no sound event notifications).