Wyze Cam Pan v2 sound constant notifications after update

Since the last cam firmware update ( i’ve been getting constant sound notifications on my phone. I had already created a window to send notifications from midnight to 5 AM but I have since created a rule to mute all notifications during daytime hours (4:30AM - 11:59PM) and I’m still getting sound notifications. The motion notifications are working fine. It’s only sound.

Well turn the sound off so it does not record

Not exactly a solution… Maybe a temporary work around until a solution is found but,

Nope not a solution at all … but let’s see if we can help get one. You said you were on fw can you tell me what app version you are using? Also if I am understanding correctly you have two issues (correct me if I am wrong) you are getting a lot more than expected sound notifications and secondly when you make a rule to mute notifications the sound ones are still coming through. Is that correct?

If I follow you correctly, yes.
App version: iphone 12pro Wyze 2.28.0 (a11)
Before the update everything was fine.
No rules were setup.
Notification were set for “Motion” and “Sound” events.
Event recording was set for a schedule of (12AM - 4AM)
This was working fine…
I was receiving notifications of sound and motion events to my iphone only between those hours.
After that update I was receiving sound events all the time… Whenever someone would cough in the room as an example… I’ve been testing this by clapping to see if I receive an event notification.
So, I tried a few things.
Rebooting the camera.
Rebooting the iphone
I then created a rule.
Mute all notifications (sound and motion) from 4:30 AM to 11:59 PM. I originally said 4:30 to 12 AM but after I got a notification I thought maybe it got confused and wouldn’t span the day…
So that’s where I am. I’m testing this to see if I like the camera and app if and I do I would buy more but i’ve hit this issue.

Well a little follow-up on this.
Sunday I didn’t receive any sound notifications so I just wanted to wait another day before I posted an update. That night I noticed I wasn’t receiving any motion notifications during my monitoring window. So, I checked it again on Monday. Still nothing. No notifications of any kind no matter the time of day. I rebooted the cam this morning and I’m now getting the sound notifications again… I’m assuming I’ll get the motion notifications again tonight but I’ll update tomorrow.

Same issue for me. Just sound clips in events every 5 minutes, even outside my schedule. Since last firmware update.

App:2.28.2 (a24)
iPhone 12, iOS: 15.3.1
Wyze Cam Pan