Wize cams sending too many sound notifications

Started receiving too many sound notifications recently from my v2 cameras. Changed sound detection volume level from 15 down to 4 and on all 4 cameras and still receive multiple notifications daily. Something has changed in one of the last software updates.

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Same for a lot of us we have been discussing in this thread. If you submit a Log ID and post the number to @WyzeGwendolyn she is sending over to tech support.

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Thanks. I will do just that.

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I have a cam pan and it is running and we (my wife and I) are getting overrun with sound notifications. I have the sensitivity turned down to 1. Something changed. Please help.

Update: just submitted a log to Gwendolyn. Am waiting to hear something

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We have another thread going over here if you want to monitor that one as well.

Hi, folks!

This is a cross-post from another thread. My apologies for that. I want to make sure that you all get this information because I have an update on this issue. Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:

We have a test firmware for you to try! We’re trying to adjust things so that they’re better for sound detection sensitivity. You testing this will make sure that your specific use case is heavily represented in the feedback and decision-making so I highly recommend you try it if you have time and ability to do so. :slight_smile:

You’ll need to flash firmware for this. Here are the instructions:

Here’s the firmware file for Wyze Cam v2:


Here’s the firmware file for Wyze Cam Pan:


Please give it a shot and let us know how you feel about it!

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