Anyone else getting a lot of "sound" notifications?

So, a few things changed here. Android app updated to 2.18.41, Firmware Cam V2, Firmware cam Pan and Firmware V3 (updated).

The V3 is new to the mix and the app is newly updated also.

I’m getting tons of “sound” notifications all of a sudden, this is with all the cameras set to “1” sensitivity.

Anyone else getting this?

Oh, I deleted and re-added all cameras due to issues with the new V3.

The V3 has amazing night vision, but does have some flakiness. Namely “Error 09” missing cloud video or something to that effect. It seems to be working now every since I deleted all the cameras, re-added them and cleared data and cache. All cameras have a SD card. Person detection has seemed to disappeared too, but I assume it will come back at some point.

I get about 15 sound notifications all at the same time, from all form different cameras, but STILL LATE (a long time problem. Late means anything in the minutes category. This happens numerous times a day,