Static noise on Wyze V3 cam and V3 pan cams

I purchased multiple V3 cameras and V3 pan cameras and they all seem to have a static noise. Each camera appears to have a different type of static noise including a TV type static, a whistling sound, etc. Some of the camera have static sound that comes and goes however have not been able to fix it.
I tried moving the cameras around the home and different outlets without success.

The microphone itself is not sensitive enough to pick up voices well either and the static makes it even harder to hear anything on them. I ordered a few Pro 2K cameras to see if they have the same issue but this problem makes the camera almost unusable for security.

If anyone has a fix I can compensate. Thanks!


You will pay me for a solution?? I experience it like this with v2s and I have no fix but I’ll keep your offer in mind. :wink:

I haven’t noticed this one lately:

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BTW, if a Mod or Maven happens to fix your problem and they’re too noble to accept a tip you can direct it to me and I’ll donate it to my favorite charity. :beers: :grin: