Pan Cam V2 loud static noise randomly coming from speaker - will not stay online

I’ve run into something I haven’t seen before. One of my Pan Cam V2’s is making a loud scratchy noise randomly. At first I thought it might have been the motor on the base, or else the motor that drives the lens around, but when testing these, it’s not either one of them. I tried a few times to back into recent video history to see if I could locate when this is happening, but each time, the card became unreadable, even though I had fully formatted it an hour before. So I put in a new sd card, and it won’t even acknowledge there’s a card in there. When I went to insert the new sd card, I got an up close listen to the noise, and realized it’s static coming from the speaker in the camera. So how am I supposed to troubleshoot this? FW for this camera is up to date, All my Pan Cam V2’s are on the same version, none of the others have shown this behavior. And every time the lens focus changes I can hear static from the motor moving. The camera has not been dropped, it sits on my mantle. We haven’t had a fire in the fireplace in over a year. Has anyone else seen this before and what did you do about it?