WYZE V2 emitting loud, obnoxious noise

I have a WYZE v2 Black connected. For no apparent reason, it began emitting a loud, obnoxious noise. The speaker was turned off, and there was no movement within view of the camera lens. I unplugged it which stopped the noise. I waited a few seconds then plugged it back in, and it seems to be operating fine. Do you have any idea what may have caused it to begin emitting such a noise? I have several WYZE cameras installed around my home and have had them for several years without this happening previously. The idea they may start “screaming” at any time, is a bit concerning. Your input would be appreciated. Thank you.

I was hoping to find somebody who has had a similar experience and could give me an idea of what I could do to prevent a repeat occurrence. I can’t really troubleshoot since it happened once and continued until I unplugged it. Since reattaching to power, it hasn’t done it again. I’m not that concerned other than if it happens when I’m not home or in the middle of the night - which would be a drag… Thanks, all!

Maybe the V2’s live stream was rerouted to another residence and they were screaming at it?

Could be power glitch

Yea, try using a different power adapter. Sometimes if the adapter is having trouble it could cause the speaker to emit “noise”