Loud noise from speaker Pan Cam

I got a Wyze Cam Pan for Christmas. Almost every single day and sometimes multiple times a day I get a loud feedback type of noise from the camera. I am not trying to use the talk feature when it happens like in other posts I have seen here. The camera just randomly starts making this loud noise. Sometimes it is short maybe 2-3 seconds. Other times it can last for up to 30 seconds. Has anyone else had this issue?


Can you post a recording of the noise?

As a new user I am not allowed to upload the video. But here is a dropbox link to it.

Mod Note: Video link downloaded and re-uploaded so it now works.

@DreadPirateRush thinks it sounds like a stuck motor. I agree.

You will probably have to get a replacement. You can file a support request here:


You should include a link to this forum topic.


So I submitted a ticket a week ago about this. I haven’t heard a peep from Wyze Support.

Is this typical? I am ready to return my cam and order another one if I am not going to get any support.

They have been experiencing a delay lately when it comes to support tickets.

That is on the long side. Please post your support ticket number here and I’ll see if I can get someone from Wyze to respond.


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Thanks for the video and ticket number! Loki drew this post to my attention and I just sent you a response through our support center. We’ll get this sorted out for you soon and apologize for the delay. :slight_smile:

Same thing is happening to me. Talk about a wonderful thing to hear at 3am from multiple cameras.

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Both of my one day old camera are making this annoying loud noise. Any suggestions?

My day old cameras are doing this too- woke me up in the middle of the night I had to come down and unplug them…

same thing Here we have had our cameras since April 24 and just started noticing this loud screeching noise, to where we have to unplug the cameras. Please help

I heard that on a brand new Pan Cam just received yesterday. I cannot get it to stay connected either.
New cable, new power adapter, add/remove, nothing works.
I did not file the ticket# for the noise, but the fact that it would not stay connected, but I heard that exact noise, and glad I was not imagining it!
My Ticket is 578357

I did a chat with Wyze tech today and they told me if the camera had an SD card to take the SD card out and format it to FAT32. I did that, popped it back in, and it’s been just fine ever since. Hope that helps…

You are not going to believe it, but I was formatting the Official Wyze 32gb $10 brand new MicroSD on my laptop right now when I saw your response!
Also formatting a 32gb Sandisk one in case that one proves faulty.
Bizarre coincidence!

It takes a long time to format a 32gb MicroSD card in FAT32 when you do NOT do the “quick Format”.

The Pan cam still starts losing connection, and rebooting just about immediately after inserting the Wyze SDcard, or any other one. Could be a bad SDcard slot in the pan cam? I have to employ an SDcard for continuous recording, or the camera is not useful to me. Put in ticket 578357, but have not heard back anything. Good news is after complete format I did not hear that strange noise again, but still not working.

formatted the disks and replaced them STILL having the noise issue on BOTH cameras. submitted a ticket, now I wait

I did a complete FAT32 format of my MicroSD card, not just the quick one. It took about 30 minutes.
This stopped the noise, but mine was still spontaneously rebooting (and it had current firmware).

Since mine was a brand new Pan Cam out of the box giving problems (with an official Wyze $10 MicroSD Card), the tech support person had me force the camera to an older firmware then let it auto-update back to the current firmware.
Here is the page that tells how to do it:

Wyze recommended forcing it to, but I had already jumped the gun and used version from April 23, 2019. You have to follow that procedure in the link closely.
I went back to the firmware list, and there was no way to download (no link next to it).

I would reach out to tech support before trying any of this. If they don’t answer email, use the phone number. They answered within 5 minutes for me, I was impressed!

By the way my camera is working as advertised now, it fixed my problem. It has been running for 2 days now on continuous recording with the Wyze sensor bridge too. I have several of these and the V2 camera as well. This was the first camera I ever had any real problems with.
The light bulbs are another story completely (it seems every new one I put in, I have to do something bizarre to get them going)!