Wyze Cam Pan Motor Noise when rotating

Does anyone else here a noise of the motor when their cam rotates? I have it to automatically rotate every 10 seconds for the 360* scan but the noise is becoming really annoying. Over the weekend I also had also set a “Sound Detection” with the lowest sensitivity and I was getting an alert every 10 seconds when the camera rotated. I had to disable it.

Yup… I have a buzz as the camera translates.

Noise reduction design is a luxurious thing that doesn’t come with $30 security camera. I can live with this one small con for the price it sells. My other camera, Fo_cam R2 rotates very stealthily but it cost double and it doesn’t creepily follow me like Cam Pan. But you never know in the next version.

I was making the post to see if this is normal on every wyze cam pan or if it was just mine; the help page on the website doesn’t say.

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Sorry, in short, yes, the motor noise is quite audible.

When I first got mine the noise wasn’t bad both when near the camera or listing to audio in the app. I ran Pan Scan about two hours and now instead of just the humming sound there is a somewhat loud squeal when it rotates. Will be sending it back to Amazon if it doesn’t clear up.

My Pan Cam is also quite noisy as it rotates. I am hoping Wyze will come up with an improved version but for the price point it is still a good product.

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I missed this post a few days ago when I posted about the same thing. The annoying issue is that the motor noise when slewing will generate a sound alert. I have tried reducing the alert level to less that 20 and the slewing noise still cause and alert.

Consequently, I have turned off the sound detection alert.

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I bought 2, one rotates silently ane one is noisy. The sound is most noticable on the playback of the notification.


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My new Cam Pan is incredibly noisy. It also doesn’t move very smoothly. The fact that someone received one that is quiet makes me think there is something wrong with mine. I also find that even though my motion sensitivity is set for 100%, it misses a lot of action that the cam2’s seem to pick up. Anyone else noticed this?

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I just bought 2 cameras this week and both are noisy enough that if an intruder breaks in and walks around they would hear the camera motion tracking them. So subsequently I turned off the motion tracking. It seems like this is a known issue but for the price point the cameras are still amazing. I’m going to have a friend that’s an electrical engineer take 1 camera apart and see if there’s any fix. I will update any findings soon!

any updates?

I’ve got 2 pan cams, one was silent for days doing 10 second rotations. The other made noise right out of the box. Now the first is making noise also.

If you have a Pan that doesn’t make noise when panning, then consider yourself blessed. The Pan cams have always been known to make some noise when panning. Now, if your Pan starts making a loud grinding noise, then that is probably something to worry about.


Perhaps Wyze tech-support might have a comment regarding lubrication either externally or internally with spray oil or silicone speay? To quiet to the Pancam motor during rotation.
I ask this, since at least one or two of them seem to be quiet.

Are you sure it’s the motor? I thought my V2 Pan was making motor noises, but I monitored it and it appears (in my case) to be interference with the speaker (like holding a cellphone doing data transfer next to a cheap unshielded speaker).

It also seems to correspond with movement in the view of the camera, which is likely to trigger a data transfer, so it could be that as well if they didn’t shield the antenna/speaker. And it does occur when the camera rotates, but seems to be with certain edges (WiFi antenna?) pass over the USB cable, which causes an audible crackle/grind sound. So those are two potential causes.

I haven’t tried swapping the USB cord with a shielded one yet, but will try soon.


A little more testing. I’ve been getting the Error Code 90 a lot lately, noticed it’s a common issue with these cams. I also finally looked up the LED status light reference, my cam has always frequently swapped from red to blue (which indicates a connection issue).

I did a ping from the router and sure enough, the camera reciprocated with a bunch of crackling sound from the speaker indicating an unshielded speaker. The two issues might be connected, I’d need to disassemble mine to verify.

interesting insights. in my case every manual move of the camera generates the noise which does sound like motor noise.

I have two Pan Cam V2’s, purchased to auto track my blind 17 year old kitty, Lucy, who passed away about 5 months ago.

When I first setup the cameras on the floor in two different spots in the house, Lucy was immediately aware of a new noise in the rooms that had the cams auto tracking her. She eventually ignored the noise.

My Father-in-Law came to visit while the camera’s where in place, and he immediately became aware of one of the cameras tracking him as he moved throughout the living room.

Both Camera’s have been banished from the house and now live in the garage, staring out the windows in my garage door for a view up and down the road that passes in front of the house… both have been neutered (no more Auto Tracking).

IMO, they are way too loud for using as a Auto Panning Camera.