Loud noise from speaker Pan Cam

I don’t understand Wyze. I am having this same issue on a brand new camera and spent forever on chat discussing it with them. Got too angry at the end to spell check myself.

Below is the transcript:

May 12, 2020, 2:34:45 PM PDT

Chat started: 2020-05-12 08:53 PM UTC

(08:53:44 PM) User: My new Pan Cam makes loud noises then the SD card is installed in it through the speaker. I have tried SD cards from my other Wyze camera’s, to include another Pan, and they all are doing the same thing.
Tried reformatting to FAT32 and no change. Cam works fine as long as SD card is not installed.
(08:53:51 PM) Wyze Wizards: We’re experiencing high support volumes, and our responses may be delayed. Hang tight, an agent will be with you as soon as possible.
(08:54:07 PM) *** Customer Support joined the chat ***
(08:54:24 PM) Customer Support: Hi User, thank you for contacting Wyze Wizards team. This is Customer Support, and I will be assisting you today.
(08:54:32 PM) User: TY
(08:55:19 PM) Customer Support: Apologies for the inconvenience.
(08:56:04 PM) Customer Support: Let me check with your cam pan.
(08:56:38 PM) Customer Support: Did it only makes the noise when you have the SC card in?
(08:57:34 PM) User: Yes, seems like a common issue when reading through the forums. Only difference is most users correct it by formatting the SD card. I tried that and other Wyze SD cards and it doesnt fix this one cam.
(08:59:06 PM) Customer Support: I see.
(08:59:21 PM) Customer Support: And may I have the color of the status light?
(09:00:13 PM) User: Blue when the SD card is out. It keeps having connection issues with the SD card in and will disconnect and reconnect randomly.
(09:00:57 PM) Customer Support: Alright.
(09:02:10 PM) Customer Support: Can you also send in a video clip of the camera while making the sound?
(09:03:20 PM) User: Maybe… it is pretty random when it happens and I dont quite have the time to sit around waiting for my less than 1 week old camera to screw up.
(09:03:56 PM) Customer Support: I understand.
(09:05:15 PM) User: Loud noise from speaker Pan Cam
(09:05:24 PM) User: this is what mine is doing
(09:05:57 PM) Customer Support: Thank you for sending in your video. Let me take a look.
(09:09:04 PM) Customer Support: Let me check further on this.
(09:09:09 PM) Customer Support: Please hold on.
(09:12:06 PM) Customer Support: Still on it.
(09:12:10 PM) User: RGR
(09:12:57 PM) User: If you need it: order #
(09:14:58 PM) Customer Support: Thank you for patiently waiting.
(09:15:56 PM) Customer Support: To better understand the issue, we need a video clip of how the camera sound.
(09:16:13 PM) User: That was in the link. Mine is just like theirs.
(09:16:19 PM) Customer Support: I understand that you do not have all the time to check on your camera/
(09:17:00 PM) Customer Support: But please observe your camera and once it does the sound, please take a video clip.
(09:18:56 PM) User: Are you serious… it is the same as in the video link i sent. You want me to sit around and watch my camera to send you exactly the same thing? I just add this order to my existing Wyze camera system and have never had any issue. I have recommend your products to friends and neighbors based on the previous “good” experience, but this is just outright lunacy.
(09:19:57 PM) User: You have wasted more time with me typing these answers than it costs you to make multiple of the cameras.
(09:21:51 PM) Customer Support: Apologies for the inconvenience.
(09:22:17 PM) Customer Support: I understand that you have the same issues as with the ones from our forum.
(09:23:04 PM) Customer Support: However, we really collect data about these unwanted sounds from the cam pan.
(09:23:31 PM) Customer Support: And we can further check on your cam once we have the video clip.
(09:24:52 PM) User: Where do i email this to once completed? This is really PO’ing me BTW…
(09:25:32 PM) User: its a cheap cam send em a new one with a return label and play with ti till your heart is content.
(09:25:52 PM) User: i just bought the dern thing.
(09:26:18 PM) User: i have 5 others with no issue. and i am wearing your watch now.
(09:27:16 PM) Customer Support: Thank you so much for your support.
(09:27:39 PM) Customer Support: I will send you an email so you can send you footage back to us.
(09:27:58 PM) Customer Support: Rest assured, we will check on it.

exactly my problem, took the sc card out formatted it. THE long way not quick format, put it back in, within a few minutes the camera was making the horrible noise again. Took the card out and they have been working perfectly since I no longer have the cards in. However I got these because I could use a card to record. so Ugh dont know what else to do

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May I please have your support ticket number? I would like to send this to the team so we can improve our support. We’re sorry you had such a negative experience with this. :frowning:

And we apologize for the noise issue, folks.

From the comment in chat I would assume it will be emailed to me. When I don’t know since I have not seen anything yet. Hopefully they deign to provide me with an email and a ticket # sometime in the near future.

I am just floored at this even being an issue. To put their customers through this much headache for a 40 dollar camera that is having a “known” issue is astounding to me.

(09:27:39 PM) Customer Support: I will send you an email so you can send you footage back to us.
(09:27:58 PM) Customer Support: Rest assured, we will check on it.

I’m going to send you a private message. I believe I’ll be able to find your ticket number through your email address. This is an issue that the product manager seemed surprised was happening again so I don’t think it qualifies as a known issue at this point.

My brand new Pan Cam is doing this exact thing as well. I have yet to hear from support on my ticket either!

Sent video to support. Would post here but it says, “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments”.

Would post here but it says, “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments


@Notfeelingdalove, I have manually bumped up your forum trust level. You should be able to post the video here now.

@StopICU33, thanks for the heads up.

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I am still getting the message, “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments”.

Can you try logging out of the forum and back in then try again. I just tried on your behalf and it worked for me.

Just got two new cams. Same loud feedback sound. I got two others a few weeks ago and they haven’t had any problems with the SD cards in them. Any news on this?

Have you submitted a Support Request?

Yes, 609189

And… ??

They just responded:

"Let’s first calibrate the Cam Pan. Here’s how: Please go to Camera Settings > Advanced Settings > Motor Controls then reset the settings. Try adjusting the rotate speed from lowest to highest.

Ihope this helps. If the issue persists, please let me know. Please also send us a sample clip/video of the noise that you are hearing on your end"

sigh why can’t they just believe us that it has nothing to with the motor. Now I have to sit around and wait for it to randomly make that feedback sound and try to record it.

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Finally caught my version of the terrible noise on camera. Sorry for the shakiness. It was because I was panicking trying to get it in camera before it went away. Definitely coming from the speaker, not the motor. It wasn’t trying to move either.

Update on things I have tried so far:

Restart cam from app, unplug wait and plug back in, use Wyze SD cards, use non-Wyze SD cards, swap SD cards from properly functioning cameras, reboot WiFi, recalibrate motor per Wyze instructions, format SD cards from Wyze app, quick format SD cards from computer, non-quick format (30 minute version) SD cards on computer, run SD repair on cards, change the location of the cameras closer and farther away from router, plug cameras into different outlets.

Long story short, I’ve tried everything I’ve seen on this forum and no matter what I still have the same 2 out of 4 cam pans that have SD cards that will constantly reboot and/or make that awful feedback sound from the speaker randomly. I also tried following the instructions to flash an older firmware version on the camera, but that did not work. Not sure what I’m doing wrong or if it’s a camera issue.

Sounds like you have done all you can do before they issue an RMA to get another camera. Does it make the noise if you you run it without the SDcard in the slot? I am assuming you are using FAT32 to format the SD Card (s), and that they are 32gb or less in size?
Did it take the old version of the firmware successfully?
If so, did it then upgrade properly to (this finally did the trick for me on the rebooting problem)?
I would call that phone number they provide when you drill down deep into the chat/support.
Best of Luck, and don’t let this ruin your Memorial day holiday!

I think that if you share that video with Support, they will initiate a replacement for the camera. If that doesn’t happen, please post back here and I’ll try to get some different Wyze Eyes on it.