Random Alarm Sound on Wyze Pan Cam

We have two Wyze cams in our house that we use essentially as baby monitors that we have had for over a year. Tonight while my wife was putting our infant to sleep the wyze pan cam in the room made a very loud alarm-like sound. We have never heard this sound or configured any kind of alarm in the settings, until doing some research a few minutes ago we did not know they even made any kind of alarm sound.

Only my wife and I have access to our wyze account and it’s only accessed via our android phones.

After hearing the noise my wife tried to check the camera and could not connect. The camera seemed to reset itself (lights blinked and the camera rotated side-to-side) immediately after as well.

I could not find reports of anyone else experiencing this and I immediately changed the password to the account - should we be concerned that any one else gained access to our account? Is there any kind of access logs I could check for IP address accessing the account etc?

Please do not restart the camera, but send a log file first. Provide the date, time and timezone when this occurred as close as you can. (In the app, on the camera’s live feed, click gear icon, then Wyze Support > Submit a Log. Post the log number here. Then you may restart or shut down the camera. Since the camera reset itself, the log may or may not have the needed info.

I have asked a Wyze staff member to respond here.


As Loki said, he asked for me to check this out. Sorry that happened! We’d be happy to take a look into this for you.

Any chance you have an Event video from when this occurred?


Thank you for the fast replies Loki and Gwendolyn. We were concerned so the first thing we did was unplug the cameras. I will plug it back in and submit the log anyways.

Log ID: 94522

Date/Time: January 6th, 2021 approximately 6:50 - 7:00 pm eastern time (toronto).

There is an SD card in the camera so I went to check the time exactly but it looks like there is no recording available anymore, only from when I plugged it back in.

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I am not sure what you mean by “event video” but it seems that the most recent available recorded video is on January 4th. The camera has been plugged in and working this while time but the recording is not there for today and yesterday it seems.

What are your local storage settings? Continuous or event only? When you plugged it in, did the continuous recording start or did the event video trigger?


It’s set to continuous. When I plugged it back in the recording started and I can currently play back to when I plugged it back in.

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So there was no recordings up to when you heard the noise and unplugged the camera? If you pull the card and look at the files ina computer, when was the last recording?


I will do that right now and let you know.


Looking at the files we have up to 4:00 pm on January 5th, then nothing until I plugged the camera back in at 8:15 pm this evening. We are sure that the camera was on and working during this time of no recorded video, we use it to check on our infant throughout the night etc., my wife leaves the camera open on her phone overnight.

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Did she bring the phone into the room while the camera was open in the app? Did the sound, sound like feedback from the room sounds looping from the camera to the phone and then back into the camera? Or was the sound more gritty like gears grinding?


She did have the phone in the room with her, she checked the camera in the other room briefly and closed the app before the sound happened. It was not gritty, very clear and very loud - I heard it clearly from another room. It’s hard to describe but it lasted about 3 seconds and sounded almost like a loud continuous phone ringing/alarm sound.

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Quote Loki: Please do not restart the camera, but send a log file first.
Do what what Loki said if it ever happens again.

I can understand the panic but throw a trash can over the cam and get the log file from the Wyze App before power down. Wyze can gain great forensic info as long as the power was holding the log in dynamic memory. The log file is gone after a power cycle.

It could be the electonics went nutz. There are a lot of IOT (internet of things) on the same channel esp. since Xmas.

Good idea to use a password manager to generate and keep track of your passwords, search “passord managers” on DuckDuckGo, etc.

Event videos are found on the Events tab in the app. If you have the camera setting Event Recording set to record on Sound and/or Motion events you will find those events on the Events tab.These are the 12 second events that get recorded to the cloud.
You can filter by date and camera. The camera does not have to be on to view the events.