Is Wyze experimenting today? My dogs are now being identified as people

This morning for no reason one of my Cam Pan V3s is now identifying my dogs as people.

Is Wyze doing some experimenting with motion detection this morning?

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PERFECT. Its tax time, take them as a deduction. lol

And now one of the other Cam Pan V3s reported a CO alarm detected. There is no CO alarm. All I have are smoke alarms and a quick live view shows no smoke, no fire, no alarms going off.

Seems like my Cam Pan V3s are going crazy today.

Are you able to pull the power cord for 30 seconds on the Pan v3?

Also are you getting CO alarm with it toggled off in Alarms?

BTW, Wyze never tags my Golden Retriever as Person even though I look at him as a human part of my family.

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I’m not home so unfortunately I can’t pull the power cord. I do have alarms toggled to ON but there was no alarm.

And now one of my OG cams is going crazy tagging and alerting for motion that isn’t there. And I can’t access it via Live View.

Seems I’m having a bad Wyze day. Very unimpressed with Wyze these last couple of weeks.

At least my Ring cams are working fine although I don’t have any of those watching the inside, just the outside.

I leave CO toggled Off because I don’t have CO alarms. I figure that reduces the chance of getting false CO alerts.