Random siren and reset on Pan Cam v1

My indoor Cam Pan v1 just briefly sounded the siren for about 3 seconds and then reset itself, pretty much exactly as described in this old thread.

It doesn’t have an SD card or Cam Plus nor any rules associated with it. We use it entirely for live viewing. I’ve never even heard this camera sound its siren. There are only 2 people with access and we were both in the room and not accessing the app when it happened. We also have pretty tight password security practices (2FA, don’t reuse pw’s, and manage via a pw app) so I’d doubt it was an account breach (unless it was on Wyze’s side).

Anyone else ever experience this?

I submitted a log: 1436309
Approx. time of siren: 6/9/24 10:00am ET

Firmware is up to date: (not beta)

Submitted to support.

Pan Cam V1 doesn’t have a siren.

Yeah, I guess it made a very loud siren-like sound. Single pitch. Didn’t sound like the typical speaker. It startled us and sent our cats zooming out of the room to hide. It’s definitely a v1.