Strange camera events

For the past two days, my camera has recorded the same sound at the same time early in the morning (5:49am). I’ve viewed the event several times and can’t figure out what is causing it. The camera is not near any obvious sound generator.

For example, this morning (Aug. 14), the camera triggered three events. Two at 5:49 and one at 5:59. The first event was a sound event that begins with the camera issuing one knock followed by a flash that looks like a nuke exploded, and, then another knock. A motion event was triggered at the same time but shows nothing moving. Ten minutes later, another sound event is triggered that starts with two knocks but does not show the flash.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Assuming this is a V2 or pan camera, this is likely the IR filter being undecisive if night mode should be on or off based on the ambient light with the sun rising. The IR filter will click back and forth.


If the cameras are outdoors, is there a lawn sprinkler system scheduled for that time of day, or a neighbor slamming a car door as they leave for work? Or coffee pot noise if indoors? The only time I get unexpected notifications indoors is when I run the vacuum cleaner as it howls sometimes.

Yes, I have the same thing. I hear knocks all the time. I haven’t had any weird lighting though. So weird.

I agree. I think you clearly explained the potential of cause.

I get these twice a day ( sunrise and sunset ) and use my card inserted to determine it’s just the internal filter deciding if it’s needed.

I’ve verified by using Starwalk App that displays sunrise and sunset times for my area.

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I have this happen too… seem that as the sun rises the V2 changes from black and white recording using infrared (ir) back to record in color and that the camera clicks when that happens… and whoever wrote the software did not consider excluding this soft of “event”. I also see a similar thing during extreme lightning storms that flash brightly in a room with a skylight. that later being an understandable erroneous even, but the former being sort of pitiful.

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Thanks for the replies. This is a pan camera. kjay’s post seems like the most appropriate possibility. Thanks for the explanation.