Night mode switching on and off repeatedly

My Pan sits on one side of my finished basement where the light from the windows isn’t quite enough to light up the foreground but is apparently enough to cause it to switch night mode on and off repeatedly, every 10-20 seconds throughout the day until the basement lights are turned on and left on. Anyone else experience this? The camera just can’t seem to decide if there’s enough light in the room or not.

Yeah, the pan needs some work in this area. If there’s a room with windows, as it gets brighter outside, the camera will go into day mode while facing the windows, and night mode when looking away, until the room brightens up.

Motion tracking is useless when there are mirrors, or reflective surfaces in the room. It tries locking onto the moving reflection instead of following the actual subject.


Yep … I see this issue as well when the ambient light is low at dusk. You can hear constant clicking of the camera going from night to day mode (why was a relay needed for this? … it doesn’t make the camera too stealthy!!) I have a V1 camera in the same space and it doesn’t do the constant switching between day/night mode at the same time the Pan camera does. With this and the motion tracking issue, this camera seems a little half baked. Hopefully FW updates will address these issues as I really want to love this camera … I have a total of 7 cams (V1, V2 and Pan) and am itching to dump my Arlos.

FYI to Tim-in-CA, it’s not a relay you hear. The click is the mechanism that moves the IR filter in and out of the light path. Three things happen when the camera switches to night mode. The camera sensor switches to night mode which is more sensitive to light and is black and white. The IR LEDs come on. And lastly, the IR filter is removed from the light path. The first two don’t make any noise, but the IR filter is an optical filter that is mechanically moved in and out of the light path - and that makes the click.


Thanks for the explanation. It’s still concerning having the mechanical mechanism constantly moving the filter back and forth so frequently.