Getting false motion alerts when cam pan switches to night mode!

I submitted a log from the app # 217764. Often, but not always, when the camera pan cam switches to night mode (with IR lights off), I will often get a false “motion” alert because the image goes from dim to full over-exposed for a brief moment as it switches to night mode, then it quickly settles into night mode viewing. but obviously I don’t want to get false motion alerts. Please fix. Thank you.

Unfortunately, this has always been the case since there is no motion sensor and the camera relies on pixel changes to determine motion. It shouldn’t be a difficult fix though, just have the software ignore the pixel changes for 2 or 3 seconds while the day/night switch is in progress and the image stabilizes.

I am a developer, and I agree that that is the cause and that would be the fix.

But why has it been over a year of this problem existing and this software fix has not been done?

Because Wyze is too busying making new products to care about supporting their current products.

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