Wyze Cam Pan V2 notification alerts every morning at 8:00am

Hi - I am having a quirky issue with my Cam Pan V2. Every morning without fail I get an Wyze notification from my phone about the camera detecting a vehicle (camera in my garage). There is never any actual movement ever detected though, there is just a large green box outline that quickly flashes when the video clip plays. This happens every single day exactly at 8:00am. Is this some kind of bug, or has anyone else had something similar happen? Thank you in advance.

Couple of thoughts

Do you have the Night Vision set to turn on and off at a specific time or auto?
The flip from Night Vision On/Off can cause enough change to trigger a motion “event” and AI will detect your Vehicle.

Do you have Windows in your garage or is there a lighting change at that time?

I have windows in my Garage and when there is a lighting change (Car passing by creating a shadow, Clouds changing the lighting creating shadows, or anything changing the lighting making shadows) I get an event notification… and a Neighbor who drives their Semi through everyday during the weekday :smiley:

With Cam Plus or Pro the event detects AI which happens to be the vehicle and therefore Alerts as having a Vehicle identified.

Hi - Yes I do appear to have the Night Vision in Auto mode (toggle on the upper right corner of the camera window) and I do have windows on the same wall as the camera is mounted, however if it was a change in light I would expect that the time the camera is triggered would change slightly over time (as daylight gets shorter/longer) however this does not appear to be the case as it happens exactly at 8:00am every day.

In fact if I purposely have the camera turned off (through the app) this 8:00am “event” seems to be what also triggers the camera to turn on. There are times when I get notification overload if I am out working in the garage so I will turn the camera off in the App, however typically the next day I will come into the app and see that the camera is turned on again.

Do you have any rules to automatically turn the camera back on?


Yes just saw this and I did have some rule turned on to turn on the camera at 8:00am. Mystery solved! Thanks.