Has anyone experienced Wyze camera detected light motion?

I received multiple motion alerts starting in the evening till past midnight.
I checked the history recording the camera captured moving light. There was nothing outside of my kitchen window when I checked at night. The recorded history showed the eventstarted around 8pm till past midnight.

Can you post a video of something typical of the issue.

What camera are you using? For most of the Wyze cameras the detection system used to “detect motion” is detecting pixel change. So light changes (dark or lightness), color changes, any reason one pixel would change is detected as motion. My driveway camera unfortunately catches moving headlights from cars turning at the intersection nearby. To lessen or eliminate the false positives as we will call them, you can adjust your detection zone, sensitivity settings, or physically move the camera to a different spot and angle

I uploaded to youtube - video #1 at 23:46 - - YouTube
Video #2 at 23:56 - - YouTube
My vidoe is Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor WiFi Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio,

FYI: My kitchen blind window facing outside is the patio to my garage, not the road/street.

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Take a broom and dust around the camera. It appears that it’s a vertical spider web strand or something similar hanging down and the ir lights on the camera are illuminating the strand causing IR bounce back. This change in light is creating your events.

Although it appears to be coming through the blinds, look in my screenshotted image below, it appears on and in front of the wall above the blinds.


Another clue is that it appears very out of focus. With the fixed focus on these cameras anything beyond a few inches away from the camera lens is in focus, and anything closer than a couple inches away is blurry. I still believe this is a spider’s web strand hanging from the ceiling really close to that right side of the camera.

That looks a lot like a spider web reflecting the IR light. I’ve seen ghosts fly through my house only to discover they were flys reflecting the IR light. Some spiders will pull in their webs in the morning so you wouldn’t see it.

Thank you!!

Yes, happens all the time, especially with the V3 cameras. They look for changes in the pixels rather than using the PIR sensor.

The V3 is way to sensitive to light in my opinion, The light from a porch light reflected on the lawn with a branch shadow in it swaying sets it off…

Have you adjusted the motion sensitivity setting? This is what the pixel detection system is for, detecting pixel change, although this exact detection of the moving branch isn’t desired I am sure. You could add a detection zone, adjust the settings or reposition the camera to a spot where the camera view has less moving pixels in it.