Cam makes clicking noise

I have a camV2 that makes a repetitive clicking noise at night. It will click 10 or 12 times then stop then again in a little while. I think it is turning the IR lights on and off randomly.

Has anyone else had this happen?

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That is the night vision filter moving in and out of position.

A forum search for “click” yielded these (and more)


It’s been happening with my cams since like forever.
It is NOT the IR lights turning on and off. The click is from a mechanical assembly that moves an optical filter back and forth in front of the camera sensor (part of night vision feature).

OK, I can understand that. Any notion how to make it stop? It wakes me.

Unfortunately there is an issue where the camera may switch between day & night modes many times before stabilizing. The only work-around for that is to either leave it in day or night mode, or manually switch between them.

You can stop the twilight clickity-click noise by setting Night Vision Mode to either OFF or ON. The problem is that the Wyze implementation of AUTO mode is buggy - under some lighting conditions, it just can’t make up its mind and flip-flops the IR filter back and forth.

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Yes, I see that now. Surprisingly, away from city lights, the clouds moving across the moon are enough to confuse it.

Did a google search specifically to see if anyone else was having this issue. I have 4 V2’s and have never rnoticed this issue. I moved one into my son’s room about a month ago. Just last night my wife told me that the camera in his room was clicking non stop. I tried turning IR lights OFF, but kept night vision ON and it still clicked. The only resolution was turning both IR lights and night vision OFF. Wondering if I need to contact support as I have never noticed this on any of my cameras before.

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Repeated flipping between night & day mode is pretty common, unfortunately. We had their attention on the issue for a few minutes, but I haven’t seen any new activity in a couple months now. It is a defect in the firmware that they are aware of.

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There’s no harm in contacting Support. Another affected (unhappy) Customer chiming in about the clickity-click defect will help keep the issue on their radar, and perhaps increase the priority of getting it fixed. Unfortunately, they seem to be devoting their limited resources to developing new products (sense, bulb, plug, switch, surge, toast, etc), instead of addressing the defects in the installed base. That’s the reality of their business model.


Sometimes the constant clicking is a camera that is going through constant reset cycles due to problems with the SD card (corrupt, or needs formatting). If there’s and SD card in it, try taking it out to see if the clicking stops.

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So this has been an ongoing issue? As i mentioned, I have 4 cameras, and have had a couple of them for quite some time now. I’ve never noticed this clicking other than the initial click sound it makes when I turn off the lights and it switches to night vision. Even the current camera that is having this issue, I am almost positive it did not start doing this non stop until recently.

I also read this, so I at least tried reformatted the card for now. I am not home at the moment so I can’t test if this resolved anything. I did check playback on the card before reformatting and it seems to be working fine so don’t suspect it’s corrupt.

I just got one and it does click like crazy. I shut off night vision and that seemed to lessen the clicking a lot, but hasn’t eliminated it completely. It also does buffer and cut out a lot. But honestly I wasn’t expecting much from a $25 cam, so I can’t say I’m upset by it. I’m just using it to watch some contractors working in my home while I’m not here!

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I get a noticeable click on my V2s whenever I flick on the light switch in the room. My Dlinks did the same. Luckily I don’t have any cams in a bedroom.

Sorry to hear that it repetitively clicks on the pan cams. That is a problem.

I should not I tried removing the SD card and that didn’t do anything. And to commenter above, mine is not a pan cam.

Hi there. Sorry it takes a long time to solve this issue. We are tracking this, among several other quality issues, and the fix will be part of the firmware along with 2.6 release, which should happen later this month. Thank you.


For what it’s worth, I think it is time for Wise to produce a update video and to address where you intend to go with new products, and describe upcoming fixes and improvements to the problems with your existing products. The forms are all well and good however I find the information disjointed and hard to follow and would much appreciate a coherent and comprehensive video product. Thank you for your consideration.

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Actually my camera works so infrequently now, it’s not worth the twenty bucks, probably returning it

I too had the infamous “clicking”. It happened after a firmware update and has others have said it turned out to be a bad update (corrupted). A simple 2 minute re-flash of the same firmware fixed it but I had to manually upgrade it. I think I may have reformatted the SD card at that time too, its been a while. It never happened again and yes, I do have a 64 GB SD card in it. Just my experience, YMMV.

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