Camera CONSTANTLY clicking

i have the wyze v2 camera and i have to say; so far i’m incredibly unhappy. i’ve restarted it HUNDREDS of times. i’ve reset even, like setup the whole thing from scratch. and i have night-mode left on at all times. it continues to click 25/8. it terrifies my poor dog so i can’t damn use the stupid thing. please help.

Does the picture switch from black and white to color when you hear the clicking? Is the IR set to auto? What ever is in frame might be right on the brink of what the night vision mode needs to engage, so it may jump back and forth. If you turn the IR to on or off, does that stop the clicking?

I would very definitely call or connect with support. If you have Night Vision turned off and it’s still clicking it may be defective.

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night is set to on- ir is set to off. it still clicks.

If Night Vision is set to on try turning it off. IR on or off just turns the infrared lights on or off but would not affect the Night vision filter which is likely the clicking you here.

it’s been shut off. it still clicks.

Definitely get in contact with support. Sounds like your camera has a problem.

Something to check on… Ensure that the USB power cord is seated snuggly and is firmly attached to the back of the camera. Are you using the USB cable and charging block that was provided by Wyze? (Some 3rd party chargers may not fit properly…)

I’ve noticed a couple of times (on different cameras) that if the cable is loose or isn’t fully connected all the way, it would do that clicking because in essence the camera is performing initial set up and/or is trying to establish wifi connection…

So both of these are off now? Yea sound like a camera issue. What does the picture to when the camera clicks?

i will check that, but i used everything it came with and i’m fairly certain the cord is in all the way.

no night vision is on all the time but i turned the ir lights off. i tried turning night vision off. it still clicked.

Your statement that you are not expecting any help is concerning. From everything I am aware of, WYZE will take care of you. They may take a while, but they will take care of you. Make sure you open a support case.

Upset first-time posters with no patience should get an IT guy. This goes for any technology. There is no need to worry yourself.

i’ve got plenty of patience, sir. this has been going on for weeks and i’ve done everything i can myself to get it to stop. but thank you for your input.


I am certain this is frustrating for you. Definitely contact support and they will get to you.

And please update this thread with the resolution if one is found after working with support to help folks searching the forums that are experiencing this same issue. :slight_smile:

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