Clicking sounds from camera

Ever since the update on or about March 19 my camera has been CONSTANTLY CLICKING, literally hundreds of times per day. I’ve tried everything with multiple customer service reps- rebutting, reinstalling, deleting and reloading the app, turning on/off/auto Night Vision, removing/reformatting the SD cad, adjusting the sound detection settings- EVERYTHING!!! and WYZE even sent me a new camera- and the SAME EXACT CLICKING noise is happening! Now they are apparently sending me a THIRD camera... help!! My system is unusable- unless I shut off sound recording entirely. The clicks come 4-8 times an hour, sometimes in a pattern (every 26 minutes for example) and other times just click after click after click... I woke up with 72 notifications in about an 8 hour period. The noise is the exact same sound and it is absolutely, definitely coming from the camera itself. I have changed NOTHING in my environment- nothing. I’ve had WYZE camera since October 2020 and have never, ever had even a single problem. This is driving me crazy... and frankly WYZE isn’t really helping. I do not have a computer (I have a iPad and iPhone) with which to do a “flash” to revert to prior software version. I’ve repeatedly asked WYZE and offered to pay if they could send me an SD card with a former software version- to no avail. HELP!!! This is driving me crazy?!?!?

I have the same problem in two different locations with Wyze Cam Pan. Several notices each day for a clicking sound. We had the house checked and there are no noises. Then we switched locations and now the other camera does the same thing, but in a different house. It must be the camera. Night vision set to auto, Very annoying.