Clicking, second hand camera

Ok, maybe I’m just paranoid but I own a second hand WYZE camera. I set it up as instructed and it seems really buggy. I hear constant noise (clicking and paging) when viewing the camera from the app on my iPhone. I also here random clicking sounds from the camera itself.

Once you establish a new account with a second hand camera, is there even a remote chance prior owner can view my camera? I’ve read things online stating people have seen other people’s homes using the WYZE app.

This is a little concerning to say the least.

Is it possible to completely reset the camera to factory settings?

Thanks in advance and sorry if it’s a topic already covered.

What does ‘paging’ sound like?

The hardware address of the camera can only be assigned to one Wyze account at a time. So they would need your account ID & password to view your camera after you install it.

The clicking sound at the camera could be a camera constantly resetting, or if in a low-light environment it could be the IR filer engaging & disengaging.

Do you lose contact with the camera when you hear the clicking? Then it may be resetting, which could be anything from a bad camera, bad power, or a bad SD card.

Does the live feed go B&W when you hear the clicking? Then you could be victim of the night vision mode switching issue, which can happen in low-light conditions. Wyze is aware of this issue and has plans to fix it.

So how did you end up with a second-hand camera? Maybe it was defective and someone wanted to get rid of it?


My advice to you would be to try a different power supply. I had this problem at least a year ago or more and then the power supply failed completely. I replaced the original power supply with an extra phone charger and it’s worked perfectly ever since then. I have three Wyzecams and that was the only one that ever did it. Any phone charger or usb charger will work to test it. The better the supply, the better to make sure if that’s the problem. I think it may result from a low voltage condition. Plus, make sure the firmware is up to date too. I have a feeling that there were some borderline power supplies sold at one time with the cameras. But since USB chargers are so cheap and prevalent, it’s really simple to fix. Also, when the light is just right, you will hear the clicking as it switches between color and b/w video. The clicking I’m talking about was during daylight or low light and was pretty much constant. Good luck.

Link to previous power supply discussion:

Paging is not a sound, it’s the cameras inability to refresh video frame rate. Its a visual thing while using my app to view the camera.

You said you hear sounds from the app? Clicking? Is the sound enabled? You maybe be hearing the sound of the cameras itself doing the clicking (IR filter in/off or camera resetting as stated above) through the audio on the app.

Ok, I tried a different power supply and it defiantly helped.

The clicking sounds were coming from both the camera and the app, just to clear things up. The paging seems to be better too.

I’ll keep and eye on it throughout the day. If this resolved the problem completely, I’ll mark it as solved. Thanks for the help!

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Is the sound enabled? Disable it and no more clicking on app.

Glad I could help. :smiley::+1: