Cameras clicking even when camera group is off

I have 3 out of 14 or so V2 cameras that more often than not make repeated clicking noises at various times of the 24 hour day cycle. It makes no difference if the cameras are on or off.

  1. Two cameras are in one group. (4 total cameras in the group)
    a. Camera 1 is the third of three cameras powered by a single source. (3 cameras with one plugged in.)
    b. Camera 2 is powered by itself.
  2. Camera 3 is in a separate group of 4 cameras. Camera power is second in a chain of 3 Cameras. (See 1a above)
  3. I have no way of independent supply for cameras 2 and 3 without going to extraordinary expense.
  4. I cannot check the lights. When I do, it is just like going to the doctor. They are acting as they should.
  5. I am using RTSP on all cameras.
  6. I have swapped cameras with one of the other 11 or so. No Joy.
  7. I have swapped all cables with known good ones. No Joy.
  8. I have made sure all connections are firm.
  9. I have deleted and reinstalled the app.
  10. There are no rules in play since I have deleted all the rules.
  11. Both groups are turned OFF.
  12. Both Groups, un-commanded, turn themselves on at random times but never off.
  13. I manually turn the group off and sometimes they almost immediately turn back on.
  14. I deleted the offending groups so each of 8 cameras is stand alone. Same problem as noted above.

Any help to resolve this clicking issue would be appreciated before I throw the whole lot out and let a bus rollover them :bus::bus::bus::bus:. It is driving me nuts. If I cannot get this resolved I will be getting rid of all my cameras in favor of Brand something other than Wyze.

Thanks for your help

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Long shot - just brainstorming, but have you tried turning off the night vision? Along the same line, are they in an environment where fluctuating Light could cause them to try to switch back and forth?
Don’t have an idea on the groups turning on/off but I’ll keep thinking.

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Sounds like the cameras are resetting. This can be caused by many issues including a bad cam, low supply voltage, or bad SD card. In at least one or two of your cases it could be by chaining 3 cams on the same 1 amp power supply.

A Wyze cam takes about 1/3 of an amp to run, depending on whether IR lights are on and several other factors. So from a 1-amp V2 power supply you can reliably run ONE more V2, not 2 more. You can replace the 1-amp V2 power source with a 2-amp source and probably power 3 V2 cams, depending on the gauge of your wire and the distances you are running.

It could also be what Tomp said if they are in marginal lighting conditions. Then it would be the IR filter switching in and out. Actually, the sound you are hearing is no doubt the filter switching, but several things can cause that to occur, including resets.

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Thanks for the replies and I am very sorry for the late reply. I am in the midst of a remodel and those cameras are out of service. I did bite the bullet and run electrical to the two cameras in the chain as mentioned above. We will see if individual power will help

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