Wyzecam power supply failure

I know this may not be the greatest way to post this, but I figured I’d try anyway. I have a Wyzecam V2 and it was recording badly to the SD card. Video was choppy and it clicked constantly. Then the power supply failed and I replaced it with a new one rated at 2 amps. Suddenly it’s working perfectly. Is it possible that there are some borderline power supply’s out there that are causing that type of problem for a certain percentage of people?

It’s pretty cheap to just buy one and most people have them laying around anyway.

Makes sense. Also reminds me to ask when people are having trouble, are they using a cheap long cable. Long cables with thin wires will cause big voltage drop which will cause issues.

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It’s still working. No more annoying clicking either. I’m starting to feel confident that this is a problem. People need to swap out the usb power supply at some point if they’re having problems, as it may just solve them.

I started having choppy video issue, when I moved my v2 outdoor and started using existing camera system cables as power cable for my v2. Existing cable about 50 feet long and good thick cable. With these long cable, I am using 5v 2amps power supply.

To resolve this choppy video issue, should I try with increasing more amps power supply? Like 5v 3amps power supply? What’s your suggestion?

The thickness of the cable doesn’t matter, nor does the amperage of the power supply as long as it is sufficient. What matters is the gauge of the wire within the cables. To narrow and you will get too much voltage drop. Here’s a voltage drop calculator:

However, I think it’s probably more likely that being that far outdoors, you are getting a weak wifi signal that is causing the video issues.

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It is better to increase the length of the AC power cable, rather than increase the length of the USB power cable. The reason for this is AC has a lower drop over distance than does DC voltage and current. Also lower voltage is more prone to drop than higher voltage, 5 volts DC vs. 120 volts AC. That is the reason Edison lost and Tesla won in the battle for AC or DC power back in the day. Use a high quality outdoor extension cord rather than a cheap USB extension cable to extend power to camera’s power ports.

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I know this is an older thread but it looked like this info might be handing to be added here. If not then please move it for me.

FYI, my one year old system just lost one of the power packs. Of the four cameras in my system I have one power pack that is sourcing power to two cameras which is the power pack that failed.

I am using the cables that came with the cameras and the supplied 1000 mA power pack.

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I gave my granddaughter a laptop that was 8 months old , one month later the power supply died for no apparent reason, it happens

Welcome back, @sjgschwend. Could you please submit a support request to Wyze about this, and post the ticket number here? I’m sure they would like to know about this particular issue considering daisy chaining V1 and V2 cams is supposed to be an advertised feature.

Support Request

Ok, will do when I get a chance to sit down.