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Hey guys! I just moved 3 of my cams outside with “weatherproof” covers. 2 of them I kept the same USB cables that came with the cams. One, I needed a 10 foot one to reach the power supply. Now it seems like my video quality is pixelated. Would a USB cable cause this? Purchased it on Amazon.

Shouldn’t. I use these 25’ cables on a number of cams with no problems


Might be more WiFi interference going through the exterior walls. Maybe check the signal strength for each camera and also that the resolution has not dropped from SD or HD down to 360p?

Single Camera View → Settings (gear icon) → Device Info → Signal strength

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Wifi shows great signal. Reset the cam. Firmware is good. So weird! I ordered these. Also is on HD. Checked all settings "(

Dunno. Those cables look more than fine.


Agreed lol

Don’t trust the WiFi signal strength to indicate quality of data transmission.

Suggest this experiment. Temporarily relocate the affected camera back inside. Locate it where it used to be (before the video became pixelated). Connect it using the new long USB cable, to the same power supply that you are using outside. In other words, recreate the exact same setup, but with the camera in the location where it used to work fine. Look to see if the pixelation disappears. Then swap the long USB cable for the regular short one, and see if video quality changes. That should tell you if the long cable is the cause of the video degradation. (and 10 feet really isn’t ‘long’).

You might try changing the WiFi channel being used by your WiFi router or access point. Sometimes that has an impact on the quality of WiFi connectivity, esp if you are in a crowded WiFi neighborhood.


I’ll have to try that. The camera literally went from the same spot inside, to outside. But, it is a brick home. Odd bec my other cams outside are further away from the router with no issues. I will def see if I can con my sister into doing that for me, again lol just had rotator cuff surgery!

I have been using these 26 Ft cables for well over a year with my V2 Wyze cams and haven’t had a single issue out of them. One of those v2 cams is 40 ft from my router.

2 Pack 26FT Power Extension Cable for Wyze Cam


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I love all of you guys and how you respond and help! This is amazing :heart: thank you for all the feedback! Got lots of things to try!


I just connect a v2 outside using a 42.5’ cable and the video is exactly the same as it was on the 3’ cable.


I have not had that kind of luck with my 25-30 foot USB cable. Regardless of adapter amperage it can’t seem to pump enough power to two Wyzes.

I ran the power from a standard wyze power supply to a black V2 that is stock except I installed a better lens. the one I bought is listed below:

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Better lens?

Yup, this guy…

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What @kyphos said - reduce to changing only one variable at a time until problem appears/disappears

Yes, WiFi can act odd in brick buildings!

Yes, think about more than just distance - what is in between (or near to in between) the router and the cam. Things like metal frame windows, plumbing pipes, aluminum soffit wrap or downspouts, bookcases, fridges, anything that might reflect or absorb signal.

Maybe try shifting the router around in the house for a better angle?


You say you have other cameras are further away and outside why don’t you exchange one of those with the one you’re having problems with and see if it duplicates the issue if it does then you know which location if it doesn’t well that’s another game