Image Quality

I have 2 cameras. I mounted one indoors, the other outdoors.

They are both close to the WiFi router, but I noticed that the outdoor camera is more grainy. The picture on the indoor camera is crystal clear.

I just mounted both of them today. Has anyone experienced something similar? Any ideas? I’m thinking the glass could be making the WiFi signal intermittently weaker so could try getting a signal booster or WiFi extender.

My outside ones are a bit more grainy, you have to take in to account a few things, they aren’t designed for outdoors so extreme temp or weather can be an issue, also even if it is close to the router you are going through walls which will degrade the signal a bit.

Yeah, Jason I agree. My router is not far away from the camera mounted outdoors, but it is going through glass. I was thinking about trying a WiFi extender plugged in right next to the window and connecting the cam to that rather than the main router.

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Try moving your router higher up.
This is what I had to do to get a reliable signal to my cam.