I keep losing connection

I have Wyze Cam v2. One is a replacement and the other I was told if I can get it to work then it’s mine still. The old one that was supposed to have been bad is running great but the replacement that I was sent by Wyze keeps dropping connection and then I have to reboot several times to getit to work. I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong here. Surely if it was my WiFi I would have issues with the other cam, right? Sorry I’m so dense when it comes to technology

Are they both in the same location? Do they get the same strength wifi signal? Relatively minor location differences can dramatically affect signal strength. And also the antenna inside the new cam may not be as good as the old cam.
I’ve a bunch of V2’s and found that I could set some of them side by side and Device Info would show a 10% difference in signal strength.


They’re basically 20 feet away from each other. And yes I even tried side by side and the same thing as losing connection

The Android app keeps crashing on me as well and logs me out each time.

I wonder if the new camera is one that has the disconnected lead issue?

I was thinking the same thing hmm…very possible!

Please be specific and post your app version , firmware version , and your OS version and type of device you are using

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