Cam V4 losses connection

Cam V4 losses connection?? I have to restart the app and camera to get back connection

You sure have a lot of camera problems, is you network solid?
On the V4 go to Settings> Device Info and see what the signal is at the camera.
Are you using the supplied power adapter and USB cord or do you have a long extension cable? How far away from the router is the camera?

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I like to test the camera before using it, I have other cameras from other companies too, the network is solid and wifi 6, yes I checked the wifi signal it’s 2 bars, the camera is outside, i didn’t lose signal with other devices, for example zi have ring cameras in other location and one camera has one bar wifi but rare loses signal…

Also all parts used are the one came with the camera

why not drop price to say 20 bucks until you sort out all bugs

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Why tell me, I don’t work for WYZE, I’m a :raccoon: herder. :grin:

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how so?
you provide such a professional advice i thought you are from Wyze

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I don’t see anything that says the amount of cams but if you have too many devices on one wifi AP then they can bounce. It can be as low as eg 32 devices. I have no idea how many wifi devices you have.

There’s a bunch of other reasons too though like signal strength bouncing to another AP or a router kicking it from router stability problems (nothing else may be affected in the event you get the idea that it can’t be it) as an example.

Obviously, it could be the v4 firmware but there’s a lot of reasons why it doesn’t have to be. Still, the v4 I doubt they hardened the connection over earlier cams, so I’d expect its probably prone to all or most of the same problems.

No I only have 2 wyze cameras.

Blockquote Why tell me, I don’t work for WYZE, I’m a :raccoon: herder. :grin:
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