V4 camera poor wifi

We have a network of about 10 cameras - mix of V3 and V4. The V4’s perform terrible. Get 1 bar with access point 10’ away. Go offline constantly. Switch a V4 with a V3 and the V3 works perfectly.
Any suggestions other than dumping the V4’s?

I have 11 other cams, V3, WCO, V3 Pro. I’m using my own Motorola basic cable modem/router and the V4 is 18 feet from the modem/router. Have you tried the V4 in a different location?

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Have tried numerous other locations with the same results. All of the V4’s performance is very poor.

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That’s interesting. My observation is that the V4 WiFi performance is at least as good as the V3. Small sample size on the V4 however (I only have 2 - and one of those is 6 feet from the WiFi AP).

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I have to believe the V4 has a problem. All of them exhibit the problem. Even when we hold them 2’ from the access point. A phone gets full bars when 20’ away.

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It shouldn’t matter but I’m curious, is your LAN WiFi6 capable?

A possible bad batch?

I heard many good reports on the V4.

Tempted to buy one, but I ran out of windows to put one in.

The wifi connection issue , going offline randomly every week or so, having to do manual hard reset are a known issue with WYZE CAM and products . Hopefully their engineers start to correct this.

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I have a couple of V4s. One is installed close to a V3. It always connects fast compared to the V3. No problems with either one.

Agreed. My V3 and V2 cam work fine here and overseas.

There seems to be no common thread, or one we can find.

Yes, our network is 6 capable. We have an Arris modem/router that has 3 Eero6’s hardwired to it to act as access points. The V3’s all get 3 bars as do phones. The V4’s get 1 bar.

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